Wisconsin Bassists Club (part 2)

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Pedulla-Player, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. JWP


    Aug 19, 2012
    would like to join up! Bass player out of madison wi!
  2. Zomb13


    Jul 10, 2008
    Oshkosh, WI
  3. scottfeldstein

    scottfeldstein Roots and fifths and a little extra. Supporting Member

    Jun 20, 2011
    West Bend, Wisconsin
    Wow, smokin'. Who does those backing vocals? Nicely done.
  4. Zomb13


    Jul 10, 2008
    Oshkosh, WI
    Thanks for the kind words! As far as the backing vocals go, that would be me.
  5. D99GUY


    Sep 17, 2012
  6. mc_muench


    Sep 28, 2010
    Milwaukee, WI
    What's with the yelling?

    #1 - Pedulla-Player (Lily/Antigo) :cool: :bassist: Administrator
    #2 - Zomb13 (Oshkosh) :cool: :bassist:
    #3 - frianbisher (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #4 - SOB H.R.MC (Racine) :cool: :bassist:
    #5 - Gecko 5 (Cudahy) :cool: :bassist:
    #6 - nubs (Waupun) :cool: :bassist:
    #7 - kingpin2512 (Neenah) :cool: :bassist:
    #8 - berzerker92 (Mukwonago) :cool: :bassist:
    #9 - kreider204 (Appleton) :cool: :bassist:
    #10 - lsbland (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #11 - jurberg (Eau Claire) :cool: :bassist:
    #12 - emblymouse (Mt. Horeb) :cool: :bassist:
    #13 - 8guy (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #14 - iriegnome (Kenosha) :cool: :bassist:
    #15 - tedesco23 (Evansville) :cool: :bassist:
    #16 - Turtle71 (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #17 - Lo end PUNCH (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #18 - PeaveyCirrus4 (Tomahawk) :cool: :bassist:
    #19 - Bjazzman (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #20 - P-oddz (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #21 - Bastard (Grafton) :cool: :bassist:
    #22 - superiorpine (Wauwatosa) :cool: :bassist:
    #23 - fishstix (Waukesha) :cool: :bassist:
    #24 - I Can't Dance (Mequon) :cool: :bassist:
    #25 - jsolberg (Ashland) :cool: :bassist:
    #26 - Medford Bassman (Medford) :cool: :bassist:
    #27 - Rebmo (Wauwatosa) :cool: :bassist:
    #28 - peabody (La Crosse) :cool: :bassist:
    #29 - jasonbraatz (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #30 - LAG (Janesville) :cool: :bassist:
    #31 - invader3k (Fort Atkinson) :cool: :bassist:
    #32 - funkadelicbass (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #33 - Sundogue (Wausau) :cool: :bassist:
    #34 - DanAleks (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #35 - abraun (Stevens Point) :cool: :bassist:
    #36 - pedro (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #37 - bassopotamus102 (Weston) :cool: :bassist:
    #38 - Swimming Bird (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #39 - markkoelsch (Muskego) :cool: :bassist:
    #40 - Hippos Melas (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #41 - tmut (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #42 - OhThePeacock (Wausau) :cool: :bassist:
    #43 - TeamTrejo (Franklin) :cool: :bassist:
    #44 - meycom (Cross Plains) :cool: :bassist:
    #45 - James A. Voss (Neilsville) :cool: :bassist:
    #46 - tk4207 (Bloomer) :cool: :bassist:
    #47 - vladchrome (Kenosha) :cool: :bassist:
    #48 - Charles Obscure (New Glarus) :cool: :bassist:
    #49 - morebass! (Middleton) :cool: :bassist:
    #50 - rageatmachine14 (KauKauna) :cool: :bassist:
    #51 - Ruggar (Mt Horeb) :cool: :bassist:
    #52 - F-Clef-Jef (Menasha) :cool: :bassist:
    #53 - mowburger (Sturgeon Bay) :cool: :bassist:
    #54 - ElectraPhoenix (Middleton) :cool: :bassist:
    #55 - Wacko Stu (Sturtevant) :cool: :bassist:
    #56 - Village Torcher (Appleton) :cool: :bassist:
    #57 - scotz0369 (Tomah) :cool: :bassist:
    #58 - Headless Llama (West Bend) :cool: :bassist:
    #59 - Thevolumedealer (Oshkosh) :cool: :bassist:
    #60 - sanchezda (Monroe) :cool: :bassist:
    #61 - MrBEAR (Central Wisconsin) :cool: :bassist:
    #62 - Jonny B (Menasha) :cool: :bassist:
    #63 - mikew31 (Superior) :cool: :bassist:
    #64 - bassman10096 (Greenfield) :cool: :bassist:
    #65 - Systolic (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #65 - jeepin_jer1 (Mukwonago) :cool: :bassist:
    #66 - shadowmac (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #67 - KalTM (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #68 - lucretius (Pewaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #69 - Bornwisco (Capitol City) :cool: :bassist:
    #70 - ustabawannab (Greenfield) :cool: :bassist:
    #71 - sykes of christ (Mineral Point) :cool: :bassist:
    #72 - LilloEsquilo (New Berlin) :cool: :bassist:
    #73 - theduke1 (Manitowoc) :cool: :bassist:
    #74 - KJung (Sheboygan) :cool: :bassist:
    #75 - mc_muench (West Allis) :cool: :bassist:
    #76 - Dee M (Racine) :cool: :bassist:
    #77 - Keithwah (The Face) (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #78 - Scott549 (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #79 - Grif (Omro) :cool: :bassist:
    #80 - Konigstiger (Kenosha) :cool: :bassist:
    #81 - Interceptor (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #82 - Bloodywanker1 (Fond du Lac) :cool: :bassist:
    #83 - IWishIWasBlank (Janesville) :cool: :bassist:
    #84 - FanOfAlice (Greenbay) :cool: :bassist:
    #85 - melvn (Wausau) :cool: :bassist:
    #86 - ctrotier (Pewaukee) :cool::bassist:
    #87 - BINJ (Larsen) :cool: :bassist:
    #88 - Targadriver (Burlington) :cool: :bassist:
    #89 - CalboDaGo (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #90 - sanray (Platteville) :cool: :bassist:
    #91 - dereksilloway (Stevens Point) :cool: :bassist:
    #92 - scottfeldstein (Waukesha) :cool: :bassist:
    #93 - LarryO (Racine) :cool: :bassist:
    #94 - ursusaltered (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #95 - bassman10096 (Greenfield) :cool: :bassist:
    #96 - LilloEsquilo (New Berlin) :cool: :bassist:
    #97 - tri33 (Waunakee) :cool: :bassist:
    #98 - c2thej2theizzo (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #99 - kokorollc (Green Bay) :cool: :bassist:
    #100 - mrpackerguy (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #101 - JasonKain (Kewaunee) :cool: :bassist:
    #102 - dustinfennessey (Superior) :cool: :bassist:
    #103 - ProgAspirations (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #104 - wiscrna (Wisconsin Rapids) :cool: :bassist:
    #105 - cosmicpimp2 (Northwoods) :cool: :bassist:
    #106 - EvilTwin126 (Tomah) :cool: :bassist:
    #107 - iJazz (Sussex) :cool: :bassist:
    #108 - foldgerz (Wisconsin) :cool: :bassist:
    #109 - CoryZ (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #110 - groovefarmer (Viraqua) :cool: :bassist:
    #111 - Dogbertday (Racine / Kenosha) :cool: :bassist:
    #112 - IamJohn (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #113 - dblebassgirl (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #114 - miguel0706 (Eau Claire) :cool: :bassist:
    #115 - fisticuffs (Madison/Mt. Horeeb) :cool: :bassist:
    #116 - brawdylucas (Chippewa Falls) :cool: :bassist:
    #117 - JWP (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #118 - D99GUY (??????) :cool: :bassist:

    Honorary Guests (Out of state)

    #1 - lowfreq33 (Nashville , TN) :bassist:
    #2 - Dan Lenard (Chicago , IL) :bassist:
    #3 - Doc Ellis (Minneapolis , MN - Formerly from Black River Falls) :bassist:
    #4 - johnnyt (Nashville , TN - Formerly of Eau Claire) :bassist:
    #5 - mixtapelove (Northglenn , CO - Formerly from Janesville) :bassist:
    #6 - KillianRussel (New Orleans) :bassist:
    #7 - soulman969 (Colorado - Formerly from Wisconsin) :bassist:
    #8 - dmlwm100 (Wisconsin - Guitarist) :cool:
    #9 - imdkoz (Tennessee - Formerly from Antigo/Kenosha) :bassist:
    #10 - mjac8 (Ohio) :bassist:
  8. Sorry for the late membership adds. I've been a little out of touch with talkbass lately. My apologies!
  9. Keithwah


    Jan 7, 2011
    Milwaukee WI
    Well...........just this time.

    Man I am just living large waiting on the next gig....which is Saturday for the annual Ride for the Cure event at the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc. This is a cause we are very close to. It would insanely impossible to think that anything I could do with my hands or talents could amount to much in the fight to cure cancer. But a kid can dream can't he? Once again, cancer has invaded one very close to me, so I play this weekend with a vengeance.

    I think most of us find relief, comfort and a release of all emotions when we play. It's where our passion really gets to show us who we are. It's what makes strapping on those P-Basses and Spectors and T-Birds and Coppa's on and put our hearts into what we do.

    So if any of the money I am fortunate enough to help raise just happens to buy a guy or gal 5 more minutes with somebody they love, it was way more than worth it. And if it doesn't, I'll still try to do it again next year.

    Peace..out! Happy jamming folks!
  10. P-oddz

    P-oddz Supporting Member

    Apr 7, 2009
    Milwaukee, WI
    Show this Friday at Stonefly Brewing Co. in Riverwest, and some shows lined up in Milwaukee and Racine respectively in early November.

  11. anyone plan on going to the octoberfest parade, and events in lacrosse, wi?
  12. fishstix


    Feb 28, 2006
    Just checking in. It's bar season and we're getting back into the swing of things. It's interesting how we are developing groups of people that come to festivals and those that come to bars but not as much overlap. I guess on my end it helps to keep conversations at set breaks a bit more fresh.

    Gear wise, I just ordered two 4" straps from Italia. I'm looking forward to trying those out. Not much else going on gear wise but I'm eyeing up a couple Source Audio effects. I'd love to annoy our guitar/singer with a good dubstep bass wobble on occasion :)

    Hope all is well for the rest of the WI bass entourage.
  13. Thanks for the update.
  14. theduke1

    theduke1 Supporting Member

    Dec 22, 2010
    Sussex WI
    Well for me:
    I am doing one more gig with Mister Jitters and then I'm out.:meh:
    Many things going on, life, family, and work. but mostly after15 months four(4) gigs it just not going anywhere fast, not wortth the time:(
    Getting back on to the praise band at church, and doing a little jamming locally, but I'm OK with it for now!
    Love & Peace:cool:
  15. SirMjac28

    SirMjac28 Patiently Waiting For The Next British Invasion

    Aug 25, 2010
    The Great Midwest
    I'm not from Wisconsin but I love the state can I get a partial membership?
  16. Keithwah


    Jan 7, 2011
    Milwaukee WI
    Jeez guys, should we maybe have these guys from out of state pledge allegiance to the Packers as a prerequisite for getting on the honorary list? Or at least they need to provide a picture of a bass case with a Tommy Bartlett bumper sticker.
  17. HAHAHA!! love it +1!!
  18. ctrotier


    Feb 20, 2008
    Pewaukee, WI
    Band nonsense!

    We lost half of the Sandcarvers last month - does anyone know any guitar players or drummers that would be interested in an original music playing, Celtic/world influenced rock band with funk and prog undertones? We've been averaging about 50-60 gigs per year, but that is subject to change. Nothing is set in stone - looking for interested, fun, relatively unpretentious musicians to put their stamp on the music and keep the band going.

  19. Honorary Member #10. I updated the previous list (on this page).
  20. I'm of no help to you since I'm in the Northwoods , but I wish you luck and success in your search. I heard nothing but good things about the Sandcarvers from club members who have seen you guys. Please keep us updated.
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