SOLD Wishbass Fretless Resonator Cone Bass Guitar (2017)

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    Selling this one-of-a-kind Wishbass acoustic-electric resonator bass guitar. It was custom-made by Steve (the head of Wishbass). The combination of the resonator cone with the fretless fingerboard gives it a unique sound that I have not heard reproduced by any other bass. It can be played both acoustically and electrically. The resonator cone gives it substantial acoustic amplification and the magnetic pickup works well.

    I had it worked on by a very trusted luthier in order to improve the playability and to fix the shipping damage it sustained when I originally bought it. When I received the bass there was noticeable damage, including neck misalignment, some chipped wood where the body meets the neck (see photo) and some grain-line cracks in the fingerboard. The luthier made a new biscuit saddle out of bone to replace the original maple one; he fitted the neck to eliminate the buzz in the strings and take the action down,; he lowered the nut and deepened the grooves for the strings; and he filled the cracks with ebony dust.

    The bass is now well-aligned, it plays smoothly and is true to its character. There are some cosmetic remnants of the shipping damage, including the chipped wood on the body and a few small dents in the body. None of these issues affect its playability in any way. The magnetic pickup system works well and produces a clear bass tone. I currently have it rigged up with roundwound, but suggest trying flatwounds with the fretless fingerboard for optimal sound.

    I can send it with a light case that is slightly short for the bass, if desired.

    Please post with questions or requests for more details. Paypal and Venmo are preferred. Thanks! IMG-2043.JPG IMG-2047.JPG IMG-2044.JPG IMG-2045.JPG IMG-2048.JPG IMG-2049.JPG IMG-2050.JPG IMG-2057.JPG IMG-2058.JPG IMG-2059.JPG IMG-2051.JPG IMG-2054.JPG
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  2. How is the unamplified volume?