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Wishful Thinking

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by XavierG, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. Anybody have an album by these guys? Some time ago, I posted a tune that I needed to identify. I had recorded the tune on cassette back in the 80's, but lost the insert with the title. All of a sudden, "Wishful Thinking" comes to mind, and I think they might be the 'culprits'. I searched the net and found them on Amazon.com. The song titles look really familiar, but there are no audio samples for me to check my recording against. If you own their album, would you mind letting me know - maybe I can post that clip that I'm trying to identify, and you can see if it's on the album.

    Wishful Thinking was:

    Tim Weston - Guitars
    David Garibaldi - Drums
    Dave Shank - Vibes & Percussion
    Jerry Watts Jr. - Bass
    Chris Boardman - Keyboards
    Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums (on the last album)
    Mitchel Forman - Keyboards (on the last album)

    Great stuff, btw. If you like fusion, you'll love Wishful Thinking.
  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    ...I own 3 of their albums.

    I kinda liked them back in the day; they are a little like early Spyro Gyra. ;)
  3. Jim,

    I'm posting THIS LINK to a short (23-second) mp3 clip of the intro to the tune that I am trying to identify. It is quite distinct, so should be easily recognizable if it is in one of the albums. My group would like to cover it, but I'd like to know who's tune it is so we can give proper credit. It would be much appreciated if you could help us out, but don't go out of your way (digging out boxes of stored albums) to do so.


  4. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    I just played the opening 25 seconds to all the tunes on these-
    Think Again
    Way Down West
    That Was Then

    ...no dice.
    What you posted is "the intro", right?
  5. Yes, that is the intro to the tune. Argh! This is driving me crazy. I have to find out who plays this before I lose the few marbles I have left.

    Oh well, I guess that eliminates Wishful Thinking. Thanks a million for indulging, Jim. I owe you one.


    (Since it's mainly a guitar driven tune, I think I'll travel to guitar.com and see if anyone there can help.)
  6. Guitar.com is one scary place. I posted in their Miscellaneous forum, and then started browsing through the other posts there....... :eek: :eek: Our "Off Topic" is tame compared to that.
  7. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Yeah, I'm assuming Guitar.com is full of threads about shredding & who has the longest schlong.

    Is that tune "guitar-driven"? It sounded like a keyboard/synth intro to me...
  8. That's true of the intro, but most of the tune sounds like THIS.
  9. I used to post there. I wish it were all about shredding. It's mostly 13-year-old boys arguing over whether KoRn or Linkin Park is the best band, and dubbing all of their opponents "f4Gz."
  10. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    I really dug Jerry Watts playing....especialy with Garibaldi in that band.
  11. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    I listened to the 2nd clip.
    IMO, that's not Wishful Thinking, at least not the Wishful Thinking I remember from the aforementioned 3 discs.

    First off, the drums-
    No way that's either Garibaldi or Coliauta.

    The guitar is too "Rock"...Weston, IIRC, plays with a cleaner tone.

    As I mentioned above, WT smacks of Spryo Gyra...that is, one would expect to hear mallets(vibes/marimba) being played in a Caribbean/Latin-ish Funk groove.

    Do you have a specific time frame for this?
  12. I do have my doubts for the same reasons, but something pointed me in their (WT) direction, and I think it's merely the fact that I probably recorded it to cassette at the same time as I was recording WT onto cassettes so I could listen while cruising on my bike (can't find any of those cassettes now). I was living in So. Cal. at the time and was doing most of my cruising (L.A. to Vegas/ Frisco etc.) in 1989 - 1990. That would have been when I recorded it - but that's not to say the tune was originally recorded then.
  13. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    How 'bout Shakatak or Special EFX?
    I don't have anything by either...just thinking of a late '80s "Jazz-Funk" groups.

    Maybe the folks at www.contemporaryjazz.com can help.
  14. I'll try that site. Thanks for your help, Jim. You're one of the guys here at TalkBass that can be counted on to offer help when help is needed, and I wanted you to know that it's much appreciated.


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