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Wishnevsky (aka: Wish bass) for you?

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by angus_parney, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Hey hey,
    One Wishnevsky 'Totally Wild (#125)' custom 4-string bass for sale here. Single passive jazz pickup, fretted fingerboard, Schaller heavy duty bridge, Gotoh tuners, maple body/neck with purpleheart top (it looks more red than purple). If this doesn't get you noticed NO OTHER BASS WILL.
    I recieved this new 6 months ago, it's very rarely played and only gigged once, I'm selling as it is too much for me, it's not my main gigging bass and I should really have put the money towards a new amp, oh well, my loss will be someones gain (hopefully)!
    It does sound amazing though, the construction and woods really do give it great tone, very deep and Dub like in the lows, pronounced mids, clear in the highs...all that with my amp set flat too!
    I must sell this in the UK or Europe as I simply cannot afford to get it back to the US of A.

    Bought for £325...looking for £150 ono :) ;) :D
  2. BMP pic, this takes about 1min to load. Thanx for looking :)
  3. I'm buying a new amp so I'm lowering the price to £150 ono.
    I've had a lot of views on this bass but it's still for sale, if you have any questions or need pic mailed to you, please contact me.

    NOW £150!!!
  4. how much is that in american dollars? and send me a picture to-