Wizzy or CXL 112

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  1. I know that there are countless reviews of these cabs but does anyone have experience of which one would be best paired with my iAMP 350 combo? I am looking for more bottom end.
  2. Anyone have a suggestion? :)
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    I don't think the 350 is rated for 2 ohm operation, is it? The Wizzy is 4 ohms, the CxL-112 is 8, so the Cxl seems like your default choice, between those two. IME, the 112 makes quite a bit of low end. I ran a 112 and various other cabs with my 350, it worked well.
  4. Good point, I did not thnk of that. Well this makes it easier to make a decison. Thanks for your help.
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    The CxL-112 has a deeper low end response, but the Wizzy is more full, to my ears. If you can't run a 2 ohm load on the iAMP 350 head (the 500 and 800 will do a 2 ohm load), then the NL-210 is also more full sounding in the lows to low mids, but again, the CxL-112 goes deeper. An 8 0hm CxL-210 or VL-210 might be your best bet, though they are heavier, and you'd have to buy one used).