Wolf tone eliminator gone, tone is better.

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by Michael Case, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. I took the wolf eliminator off the other night and noticed that it sounds much louder and brighter without it. Is this the case? I don't think it's in my head cause I put it back on and could tell the difference.
    I play mostly pizz, practice arco but don't have the opportunity or skills (mostly lacking skills) to play arco in a real situation, so I'm thinking about leaving it off.
    Is there a better way to remove a wolf tone?
  2. A soundpost adjustment can sometimes make a wolftone more liveable, or you can try the weight on a different string; somewhere in the archives there is a thread that talks all about how to deal with wolf tones and it describes this. Or, if you're playing mostly pizz now why not just leave it alone, and put the weight back on when you decide to start playing arco? Anyway, good luck. Wolf tones are obnoxious!
  3. Yeah, I've been playing without it. I have noticed that the wolf is more present on the bflat of my d string, but even there I am begining to find ways to make the note sound. Like I said I mostly play pizz. I can't believe the sustain I have without the weight.
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    If I understand correctly, the more weight to a tailpiece, the less effect of the wolf. Maybe a luthier can jump in here.

    But yes, Mike, there is a school of thought that says "Yeah, there's a wolf. So what?" and they play through it.
  5. I'm getting better at dealing with the wolf, I used my teachers bow at my last lesson and it was like there was never a wolf. His bow is much better than mine.
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    i had a problem with what i assume was a wolf tone
    my g note at any octave would just ring out and resonate.which was mostly just a problem when amplified.i tried a wolf tone eliminator ,moving it around, also experimented with different strings , eq , all to no avail. i wrapped about a 1"x 8" piece of a fender guitar soft polish cloth between the strings at the tailpiece. now the wolf tone has been somewhat tame .sure it dampens the overall sound of the bass, but i just could not stand the wolftone . i found this suggestion here at talk bass . i believe it was from don higdon. thanks don