Womack's "I Hope You'll Dance" BMA Song of the Year

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    The inspirational song "I Hope You'll Dance" as recorded by Lee Ann Womack received the BMA songwriters' song of the year ward. The BMA awards to song writers usually precede the Country Music Awards.

    This particular song is notable in that it was co-marketed with a small book which was a short novel based on the song (not the other way around.) The little book did so well that a few other country songs also attempted the same marketing strategy. Wonder when we'll see the movie version of "I Hope You'll Dance"?

    That makes me wonder if Metallica or Slayer or Creed or No Doubt or Britney Spears or Kenney G any other non-country group or artist would have equal success marketing a short story in book format to accompany a single off their next albums.
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    Dec 12, 1999
    ...hopefully, not in my lifetime.
    (Sorry, JO; I did watch enough of that C&W Awards' Show to see a friend of mine playin' bass behind Martina...& I see he's now wearing a cowboy hat!).