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  1. Hi guys, i have a good question for you. Starting this year i sent a G&L for a neck replace to a uy that build basses, I received it and everyting was ok, now i sold it, and the guy who got it told me a few days ago that a luthier told him that the ziricote used in the fretboard was lighty twisted due to the ziricote wasn't trated to void that. . . my question, as far i know ziricote doesn't need any finish on it. .. but does it need any special treatment to avoid any twist problem? maybe is just a problem about temperature change? maybe this "luthier" is trying to blame on my bass 'cause he didn't made that neck? cause even he said that the neck wasn't made the same way of the original, he says that G&L have 1 piece maple necks and I can say He's wrong cause the original neck of that G&L (L-2500 made in 1996) crearly shows the 3 pieces of maple used in its construction so. . . well i hope you can give some clear answers to this matter. Thanks in advance.
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    All wood moves with temperature and humidity. My understanding is that ziricote needs no finish...
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    What he said. ^^^

    Where are you located and where is the buyer located?

    I blame humidity.. or terrorists.
  5. i'm in Tapachula, Chiapas here temperature is about 35° C and he's in Mexico City temp is about 15-20° C . Yeah i was thinking about terrorist too . . .