SOLD Wood & Tronics Chronos 5 - SOUND SAMPLES HERE

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by Bassfreakz, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Wood & Tronics basses are absolutely beasts, only selling it because I am getting another one. Try it for yourself!:) Here it goes:

    Wood & Tronics Chronos 5

    Nicknamed the “poor man’s fodera” . The action on this baby is so low, fretting is effortless. And the wonderful thing is that despite it's insanely low action, there's no fret buzz due to the high quality of craftsmanship. Absolutely one of the best basses that I've own. Looks good and plays good as well. Killer bass overall that is value for money!

    -Beautiful Poplar Top
    -34" Scale (B-G)
    -18mm String Spacing
    -Ebony Fingerboard
    -Ash/Maple/Ash Neck
    -Walnut Body with Alder Tone Block
    -Custom W&T pickups with Ebony Pickup Covers
    -3 Band John East Preamp with tone control & internal frequency control for each band
    -Active/Passive Push/Pull
    -Series/Parallel Switch for each Pickup

    This bass is in excellent condition, no major dings or chips. I'm located in Singapore but shipping is not an issue, we can split shipping costs:)


    Modern Slap Tone with Drums when both Pick-ups are in Parallel:

    Fat P Bass Tone when Front Pick-up is Solo:

    Very Punchy Bridge Pick-up:

    Melodic Chords and warm tone when both Pick-ups are in Series:

    Recorded Direct through Logic with Eq done only on the Preamp of the bass
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