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Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Kraig99, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. How would using a wooden bridge and the strings through the body would affect the tone and sustain of a bass? Would it depend on the type of wood used?
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    I have used wooden bridges, and will continue to on some of my fretless basses. They do give you more of that "upright tone", being less definition, and more of a "thud" sound. I wouldn't recommend them if you are wanting the "mwah" sound. The type of wood will effect the tone. I would recommend a very dense wood, since the wood will fluctuate and change your action.

    I also use wood nuts on my fretless basses that match the fingerboard wood. It gives the open strings a closer sound to a "fretted" note.
  3. If you're using a wooden bridge be aware that you will need to find another way to ground the strings (assuming magnetic pickups)
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    ....or not.

    I have a wooden bridge (and tapewounds, for that matter) on my semi-hollow fretless. No effort was made to ground the strings; rather, a thorough shielding job has nearly eliminated all hum.
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    Yeah, I was surprised to find that grounding the strings is not necessary. I used to think it was a vital part of producing sound, but apparently not. An electric instrument plays just fine if the strings are not grounded, albeit a little noise in some cases.

    I'm also intrigued that a thread started in 2002 can all of a sudden move forward in 2015 as if no time has passed, without even a hiccup.
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    Lol no doubt. I suspect the OP has probably worked it out in the ensuing 13+ years... :D
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