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    Jun 7, 2000
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    Does anyone have this problem?

    I have an SWR SM-500 and an Epifani 2x10 (I ordered a 4 ohm cab) that I use for private parties, corporate parties, clubs, etc. This is my “big rig”. When I play alone, it sounds great – glassy highs, controlled mids, and a phat bottom. The problem is when I play with a band, it seems like the detail of my sound disappears, and all that really “cuts through” is the low end. When I turn up to try to broadcast some of that detail, it starts to woof on the low end.

    I have found the cab to be EXTREMELY directional, which can work against me. There is not always a bass presence.

    What would you suggest? I’m almost 40, so I consider my days of toting around 8 x 10’s to be over. Many of the situations I play in, a big rig would be overkill. I’m simply trying to “broadcast” that wonderful sound that I hear when I’m playing by myself. I had thought about getting an Eden 210XLT or a 212XLT to replace the Epifani, but that is just one option. Maybe just tweaking the EQ would help…

  2. You need to find out how it sounds from the back of the room.

    I use an SM 400-S (same as your SM500) with a Goliath Jr. for small gigs, rehersal, and practice. Larger Venues with volume and lot's 'o people does require more then a 2x10, even with 500 watts.

    I too am a fogey (44) and don't want to handle a 8x10, that's another reason why I get by with SWR 8x8 for the stage (perfect match for your amp IMHO).

    Often guitars/drums etc... have freq. ranges that take over the stage sound. However bass takes some space to fully develop.
    I've had the same problem, and yet when I allowed a friend to sit in for a song or two on my rig, I stepped outside for some fresh air and all I could hear was bass... loud and clear.

    One suggestion would be to tilt your cab up a little and aim for the ear, and perhaps some more mids on the eq. Solo tone is much different then "in the mix," and needs to be eq'ed accordingly.

    Tweak that Eq. and you need a little more then two 10's. Perhaps a pair of 2x10's, or 2x10 and a 15, or 2x10 & 2x12 (that would do the trick!).
  3. Before you start seriously laying out that kind of money, I urge you to try a SansAmp Bass Driver.

    I know what you mean about getting your mid and upper end to project. You also seem to be aware that it's not necessarily a volume issue because increasing volume will just throw of the balanced sound your band wants. Hard to explain, but the SansAmp gives you the harmonics and overdrive of, as the maker says, "a miked-up pro stage rig," (the push-pull symmetric clipping of tubes as opposed to the harshness of SS clipping). From your description of what's going on, I think the "Presence" and "Blend" controls of the SansAmp might do it for you.

    I'm not familiar with Epifani, (came very close!), but having an Eden 210XLT myself, I don't think you'll solve the problem. I have to use an Eden 15" with it to handle the B string and I send a lot of the mids to the 15". So, as Donne says, maybe a good 15" will do the trick. But the SansAmp is a helluva lot less expensive.

    BTW, although it may sound like it, I'm not associated with Tech 21 in any way. I just rely on their SansAmp.
  4. Rickbass is correct. Adding good harmonics and overdrive really helps you cut through. Even-order harmonics, and a touch of compression will do the trick.

    I use a Fulltone Bass Drive (same $ as SABD, but no DI).

    BTW, although it may sound like it, I'm not associated with Fulltone in any way. I just rely on their Bass Drive. :D