For Sale/Trade Woolly Mammoth clone

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  1. LowEndWooly


    Sep 3, 2013
    Bought this new from a very good builder. It is in very good condition and sounds awesome. With the EQ knob, I can get it really dark and doomy sounding.. then turn it up and it can get bright and harsh (too much for my taste, so I kept it below 1 o'clock). I can try to do a demo in the next week, but it sounds very similar to the Woolly Mammoth. I've never played them side by side, but very awesome. It's the pink pedal in the corner.
    $90 shipped.

    The controls on the pedal: V - volume, EQ - tone, P - pinch, and W - wool.

    I only use premium transistors in my builds. The transistors I used are New Old Stock Motorola 2N3903. These are discontinued, low gain NPN silicon transistors. The transistors were gain-selected using an atlas DCA55 semiconductor component analyzer. Q1, hfe = 100; Q2, hfe = 116. I find that it is important to use low gain transistors to get a smoother fuzz. The gain on these transistors are similar to germanium transistors. The result is a great sounding wooly mammoth.

    The capacitors are also of high quality. I used a huge (see pictures) 0.22 uF NOS Paper-in-oil Sprague Hyrel coupling capacitor (see pictures). This capacitor couples the tone from the input jack into the circuit. The other signal path capacitor is a old stock ceramic capacitor (orange disk). Ceramic caps are very punchy/bitey/bright. Overall the pedal sounds amazing.

    I also use high quality neutrik input/output jacks. Dialco led indicator lamp. Alpha pots, and a stompswitch from I don't skimp on components for my builds.

    The pedal can be powered by either a 9V battery (internal), or a 9V power supply (external, negative-pin positive-barrel.)