Wooly Mammoth Vs. Bass-Drive: A short review

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by BenF, Oct 24, 2001.

  1. BenF


    Mar 29, 2001
    Boston area
    I just tried out the ZVEX Woolly Mammoth and the Fulltone Bass-Drive and have short reviews of both.

    Woolly Mammoth:

    This is pure fuzz, not an overdrive or a distortion. I found it hard to get a semi-fuzz tone out of this, it's all or nothing. By using the pinch and the wool knobs it's possible to get great dub style, almost synth-square-wave-like fuzz. The number of different fuzz tones you can get by tweaking the knobs is sort of overwhelming. If you want an over-the-top fuzz pedal, or if you do experimental stuff, and if you're a compulsive knob twiddler, this is the pedal for you. Also, your low end is preserved by the pedal, not chopped off like others.

    Fulltone Bass-Drive:

    This is a distortion/overdrive pedal. Not as smooth as a fuzz. It can get a nicely nasty overdriven sound with the boost on and the boost knob turned up, but it's much mellower than the Mammoth. It's possible to get a nice semi-driven, almost clean tone with this pedal. I could quickly dial in some very useful tones with the Bass-Drive. By pulling up on the volume (gain?) knb the pedal turns into a clean boost pedal, which could be useful to some. Like the Mammoth, this pedal doesn't kill your low end.

    My first reaction after trying both pedals was, "For me, the Mammoth is more interesting, and the Bass-Drive is more useful." YMMV.

    I'm going to keep looking before I buy. I'd like to try a Persciption Depth Charge, a Dredgetone Angler, and maybe an EBS multidrive as well (if I can find any of them around here, anyway.)


    Sep 26, 2001
    in the sun
    I just bought and returned the BassDrive. I was convinced by a bunch of posts from here and Harmony central that this was the best bass distortion, so I bought it. At home I had it adjusted to where I thought it might sound good, but when I brought it to practice I found that the pedal had way too much midrange tone out of it. I like a slightly :) looking eq. dropping especially 125 Hz., and 800, to get rid of that honky sound to leave me a smooth rumbling, but not annoying sound. and the bassdrive defeated that, no matter where I put the tone knob. Although It was awsome sounding by itself it didn't blend in to the material. :mad: I don't want to start an uproar, but to me . . . . . and only me . . . . it sounds Dated. :eek:

    (no offence Donne . . . . . I really aprechiated your posts.)

    Again to me, it was almost like mike's style of music was integrated into his pedal, and you couldn't get rid of it.

    sooo I decided to try the Budda Phat bass, 80 bucks more but I really want somthing that will give me ideas not take them away. so I let you all know what I think of that.

    the sagga continues . . . . .
  3. KB


    Jan 13, 2000
    Chapel Hill, NC
    I would love to get a wooly mammoth for fun. But at $250 minimum I just can't afford it. I have heard a lot of good things about the EBS Multidrive. I want to try one out if i can ever find one or if MF ever gets them in (so I can return it if it sucks.) I had a Boss ODB-3 and I really didn't like it. Too crunchy and bright with no warmth. I just sold it on ebay for what I paid for it (so n loss there:D ).
    Give us a review of the Budda

  4. Sonic: no surprise there. On the website, the fact that Jack Bruce is mentioned as a user should tip you off to its sonic characteristics.
  5. BenF


    Mar 29, 2001
    Boston area
    Yeah, I hadn't even heard of the Budda. Sonic, how's it sound?


    Sep 26, 2001
    in the sun
    Don't worry I let you guys know. . . . It should get to my house on friday and practice is saturday.