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Wooten solo bass question

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Warwickthumb, Aug 13, 2001.

  1. Ok well I got the Victor Wooten Super solo bass tape. ITs pretty good. It helped alot with the two hand tap stuff, not that id totly use it like he does, but its always nice to learn something new. I do have one question for you experienced double thumbers. Vic said he uses the side of his nail on the downstroke. So does this mean i have to grow my nail longer on one side?? He says people do it diffrent ways, but thats how he likes to do it. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  2. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    I do it with short thumb nails. No need to let it grow.

    I try to describe how I do it.
    The thumb is roughly parallel to the strings.
    I hit the string with a downstroke, and the next lower string stops the motion.
    To get the motion right, thumb the string with the "old school" thumbing technique (vintage oldie style, no slapping yet!). You hit the string with the outer third of the flat thumb tip.
    Now try to do it with more momentum to get a slap sound. You don't need much force. This is what puzzled me at first when I tried this.
    when you have the downstroke down, try to incorporate the upstroke, again you hit the string with the outer third of the top of the thumb.
    Again, it's momentum, not force.

    As for the position, like Victor I use the space between the neck pickup and the fretboard.
    It helps when the strings are near to the body, or else you easily dig in too deep.

    Hope this helps a little. :)
  3. Thanks that clears up a bit of the confusion. I'm going to take this slow and just do the down stroke motion, then work on the up. I read a marcus miller article of him desribing the double thumb. Pretty much the same as Vic, when doing the upstroke use the nail. And the downstroke is pretty much all in the snap of the wrist. Again, thanks for the help.
  4. Phat Ham

    Phat Ham

    Feb 13, 2000
    Marcus Miller also said the upstroke is all in the wrist.

    I've started incorporating double thumbing into my playing recently, and I do it just like JMX does. The one difference is I play with my thumb just over the end of the fretboard. This way I don't dig in too much because the fretboard is there to stop my thumb.
  5. Yeah these guys make it look sooo easy.
  6. OK now ive the idea of how it all works. How long did it take most of you to get a good, consistant speed? Oh and is it normal for the side of your thumb that hits the string to kinda sting, becasue ya wore of some skin??:O)
  7. Hey Warwick man nice Manring quote.... whered ya get that?
  8. As far as the Wooten style. It is alot easier than it looks and sounds. Though it is a little difficult to describe on line. The string will run parallel to the thumb, when you do your downstroke (going thru the string) just come straight back up, lining the string up over the top of the nail. Dont forget to relax!!
  9. Tuomas


    Mar 14, 2000
    Helsinki, Finland
    And after a while, you will probably notice that playing with doublethumb technique is actually a lot easier than it would be to execute those patterns with normal technique (take it from somebody who learned classical thump first and doublethumb next) I think the trick is in being relaxed. Just start slowly and don't think about the technique, because you will develop your own soon. As Vic said, everyone has their own style.
  10. Sorry Zon, I read that quote on one of your posts, and i agreed 100% with him. Ok this is great guys, I promise when I get it down, I won't be the cocky SOB at guitar center showing off. NOw on the downstroke, thats just a quick snap right? So it gives it a bit of a hard slap sound. To work with this im playing pretty little lady, uh slower so I double thumb right.
  11. Its all good bro!!
    Classical Thump is a fun tune to play. For the most part it is easy (as far as the main part is concerned). And is very easy to figure out by ear.
  12. Well I got the tab for Classical Thump. It looks pretty accurate. If its wrong I still got the video to watch. Hey I see your from the Madison area. I heard The Tones are making a stop up there. IF i can get a ride with some friends im defently coming up there to see that show.
  13. Already have my tix, but are a little expensive man.
  14. OH wow how much are they??
  15. about $30
  16. Oh thats not to bad, thats just about how much I payed the last time i saw them. Its worth it!
  17. It is worth it. But I have seen them so many times that I am getting a little bit burned out on them. The only reason I want to go this time is because my girlfriend has never seen them.
  18. I see. Hey did ya get to see Vic on his Yin Yang tour? Hows the music scene there in the Mad city?
  19. Yea I saw him in IL. at some Bar/Restaurant (grand palace or something like that, I dont remember) place. It was kewl! Way funkeeeee!!!!
    Scene in Madtown does not exist. The bands here are lame, and the people are not into originality at all. I am in Milwaukee almost every weekend.

    Did you see that show??
  20. Awesome. No I wish I knew who victor was back then. That was about 1998 i think when the Yin Yang cd came out right? Yeah i was like 18 or 19. I wasnt serious at all about playing bass. And my choice of music intrest didnt help any at all. Well it wasnt till i was about 20 when i started getting serious about bass. Which is about when i heard about vic, and my mind was just blown. I saw the Making music tape with carter beauford. Since then ive been really serous about muisc and bass, even studided up right in college. Still kinda mad though, ive been playing for 8 years, and im no were near were i should be, those 5 years of zero dedication did not help:O(

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