Work Release at Pineland Campground, Arkdale, WI June 1, 2019

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  1. Sorry it took awhile to post, but the band did a gig at the Pineland Campground in Arkdale, WI on June 1. Pineland is a very nice campground where many of the campers set up sites for the entire summer and some from out of town/state. Plus, Pineland hosts live music all summer which is nice to see. I really like crowds at campgrounds because they really want to have fun and usually have been drinking all day, and that increases the odds they'll love what we do. ;)

    This gig was without Shelly as she was ill and had no voice. So, the three meathead boys in the band did the gig as a trio.

    Let's begin...
    New strings on the Kiesel Icon5. That A string intonation is looking pretty good to me


    I changed the strings on my RIC 4003 as well, hence the pile o' strings
    heading out to the campground
    The setup dance begins
    Tom's guitars. I have no idea what he's doing there in the background
    The lonely old bass player spot. It was a fairly sized stage and when you don't use stage amps, the stage can look pretty bare. Dang, that Kiesel bass looks sharp! IMG_0327.JPG
    Sound check and Joe playing with his phone. Note the beer on the stage. Yeah, we do that. I believe that was Spotted Cow from New Glarus brewery. Great stuff.
    Quick selfie before the opening downbeat.
    Some of the campers starting to filter in for the music. I didn't get a pic because I was busy playing but there was this elderly couple listening to the music for the first hour. Just sitting there enjoying the show. All of a sudden we began our 50's-60's medley of tunes. All of a sudden these two get up and swing dance! The crowd cheered, we cheered over the PA, pretty awesome sight.
    From the bass player's perspective. A nice middle age woman was celebrating her "29th" birthday this night and had been drinking since 10:30am (it is Wisconsin). Anyhoo, she was a hoot all night.

    Not bad pay and it was just fun cutting loose on some songs to extend them or change up the solo parts for a little more of a jam. Good time but we really missed Shelly's presence and voice.
  2. Good report, looks like fun!

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  3. It was a real blast. We enjoy gigs like this because they are less demanding than weddings or corporate gigs. Not that those gigs are bad (they pay very well) but we've dealt with a few Bridezillas and their moms /dads over the years.
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  4. Hi @Medford Bassman,

    I like campground gigs too although it's been a while since I've played any.

    "The Three Meathead Boys" is hilarious! :D Without Amanda we call ourselves "The Hairy Legged Boys". :roflmao:

    Please tell us Tom is chewing his nails (ew!) and not eating a booger (Double Eww!) :p I do like his F-hole Tele. Nice.


    Arnie says he is investing in a wireless IEM rack for the band. That's cool. I'd like to see our Bam Bam go to electronic drums but I don't think that will ever happen. One can dream.

    Your Kiesel looks very nice. I'm still hoping to pick up a new PB5 one of these days. I've just about got enough gig money saved up. ;)

    Pineland looks like a nice facility. I enjoy playing for family functions like that. Sure the crowd may get a little lubed but generally do not get out of control. Good times. Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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  5. Thanks Cliff!!
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    You summed up Wisconsin in that one paragraph. I like Wisconsin. I've never failed to have a good time when I go there. Fun gig!
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