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    Been looking for some adjustable dumbells. The type where you can change the wieght simply and quickly. Like this set from Bowflex. Most places are out of stock, are charging way more than I want to pay or have delivery dates in August or September. Guessing more people are working out at home and the manufactures can't meet the supply. Meanwhile I have my stationary bike, my street bike, restitance training without weights. Maybe I should just order some and wait until August or September.
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    Nov 8, 2009
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    I have a set of PowerBlocks. Got them back in '06 and they're still in great condition. Consider them or the Ironmaster brand, both pricey but worth it.

    Here in Phoenix, I occasionally see various brands of adjustable DBs are on craigslist fairly often, although like you mentioned, people seem to want more money for them lately. I have a complete home gym in my garage, and I always peruse CL just for the fun of it, but it is disgusting to see people asking $3000 for weight racks etc that cost a third of that during normal times. Even some vendors/distriutors are doubling their prices from six months ago. :bored:
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  3. Just get some regular plates and the bar then change them as needed the old way for much cheaper.
    If you are too lazy to change the plates then you will be to lazy to use this easy one also. It is part of the workout. :smug: :bag: :cautious: :whistle:


    Seriously just get some plates as you will not be changing very often and will probably only use two different sizes out of it anyway. They do not take up much space and when it is time to move it you can move small pieces at a time instead of one large unit.

    I like the ones with holes in them to grip from odd angles or just use the plate alone without the bar. Though they will be bigger in circumference do to the empty space, so none holes may work best for you.

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    good suggestion, thanks
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    Sep 25, 2011
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    You got a door?

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    I was looking up kettlebells to supplement my darebee routines.

    Holy speculative crap, Batman! A 32kg vinyl coated kettlebell on Amazon - $2,311.99. Over $2,400 if I wanted a colour other than yellow. Free shipping, though.

    Now, not all of them are that expensive. I saw some for $800.

    I'd be better off buying a foundry and learning how to cast my own!
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  8. Yogi Bear

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    Aug 14, 2000
    I've got dumbbells, a rack, and a bunch-o equipment. Honestl, what's been getting the most use is TRX. IMO It really is a great workout tool/system.
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  9. slobake

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    Mrs. slo has a TRX.
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  10. You can use it too, if you ask nice and clean up after yourself. :angel:
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  11. fhm555

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Have you thought about resistance bands?
    The Best Resistance Bands
    My sister loaned me a set of these while I was mending from open heart surgery and they were a great help. Easy to use and effective.
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  12. friskinator

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    Apr 5, 2007
    I've been looking at these and I really need to break down and buy some. My gym has been closed for over 3 months now, and I haven't done any weight training since they shut down. The office building I work in has a decent gym I have access to, but despite the building being empty, the property manager still won't open it.

    I've never been a workout at home person, but it seems that's going to be the only option for quite awhile.
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  13. hrodbert696

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    I hear you. I finally got back into exercising and was using an old pair of 15 pounders, but then needed to move up. When I stopped by sporting goods stores the dumbbell racks were completely bare, and I found the same thing online - most stuff out of stock or crazy expensive. Even on CL all I could find were people selling entire racks of home gym stuff for a thousand bucks. Finally found a pair of adjustable ones, old-style with screw-on plates, 20 lbs each. They arrived yesterday, today's the first try with them.
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  14. slobake

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    My son was just telling me about exercise bands yesterday, thanks
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    My wife and I were just talking about this subject last night because of this thread. We feel incredibly lucky to have built a small but very efficient and practical home workout room on the 3rd floor of our house. The investment came about because of four reasons:
    - our collective annoyance at the behavior of others in the gyms we used to frequent when we were younger.
    - the fact that getting to and from the gym is time consuming, and that over 10 years, we could buy the equipment we would want with the accrued cost fo the membership.
    - the fact that we are much less likely to skip a workout if all we have to do is walk upstairs
    - my rehab from a major knee surgery plus living in a 3 story house and being a double bassist made the idea of investing in equipment to keep us both ambulatory in our golden years seem much more attractive

    But until this thread, I hadn't thought about the supply/demand factor driving the cost of dumbbells through the roof. Kettlebells at $800-$2400? $3000 weight racks on CL? WTBFH???
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  16. slobake

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    Can I come over and use your workout room? ;)
  17. Well, if you're hesitant or unable to buy anything.

    A gallon of water is in the ballpark of ten pounds, I believe a little less. A one gallon jug could be used as a dumbbell if you want to do a boatload of reps - but you could probably fill it up with gravel, dirt, or sand and have more weight. Further, filling up a backpack with water bottles - I'd recommend starting at the 20-30 pound range - and just walking ten miles or so can be part of a great way to get and stay in shape. Ditto doing so with rocks, gravel, bits of concrete, and scrap metal.

    My line of work is huge on physical fitness. Unfortunately the gyms are closed - but there's an outdoor gym that I believe was made by the combat engineers and they did a great job of it. They made kettlebells out of some steel cable set into concrete, was well as steel pipe welded into some big old I-beams. Lots of stuff that was pretty creative using scrap metal and concrete.
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  18. For years, all I've used are two Walmart-type 30 pounders, and a single 15 pounder. The 15 is very convenient for all kinds of things, like shoulder work and so forth. I also do differently-leveraged pushups, as well as these sorts of things which are like crunches, but you lie on your back, instead. I prefer that method because my lower back has had a few issues over the years.
    Pie Man's advice above is great. A couple milk jugs full of wet sand work fine. My cousin used to use two five-gallon buckets full of sand on either end of a pipe. Walking is also a big win. A friend of mine lost 50 pounds after roughly a year of living in Chicago, just from all the walking. He'd previously lived in central IL, where you have to do a lot more driving. I took up a habit of walking for a long time, and really need to get back into it.
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  19. JRA

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    i'm impressed (jealous?) that you have the ambition, slobake ! you're way ahead in the 'gumption department'.

    my son is a strongman champ: he has had lifting/exercise equipment over-flowing his garages and basements for the past decade+, so i'm used to being around the stuff, but i've never taken to it. i applaud your quest --- good luck with your workouts! :thumbsup:

    FWIW: i'm going to pressure-wash my huge deck today...doesn't that count for exercise? :D
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  20. slobake

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    Used to do some wilderness backpacking. To prepare for long a long trip I would stuff my pack with barbell plates plate surrounded by clothes and climb the hills here in S.F. .That helped when I went for a long trip with a heavy pack.
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