World Cup of Hockey 2004

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  1. For anyone who is interested, Canada announced their roster today for the World Cup this August. I was pretty surprised by some of the picks. Note that there are 3 goalies, and only 2 will dress, 15 forwards and only 12 will dress, and 8 defensemen, 6 of whom will dress.

    In goal there were no surprises
    - Brodeur
    - Belfour
    - Luongo

    Only one surprise on defence
    - Blake
    - Foote
    - Pronger
    - Neidermeyer
    - Jovanovski
    - Redden
    - Brewer
    - Regehr (I guess he earned it in the playoffs this year)

    Lots of surprises for the forwards
    - Lemieux
    - Sakic
    - Iginla
    - St. Louis
    - Thornton
    - Heatley
    - Richards
    - Smyth
    - Doan
    - Marleau
    - Draper
    - Maltby
    - Yzerman
    - Morrow
    - Gagne

    They really went for guys with international experience here. There are a lot of young players, but almost all of them were part of the gold medal winning world championship team from 2003 or 2004. Richards, Doan, and Marleau might be a little surprising but they are solid picks so I can't argue. I am kind of surprised that they picked the straight ahead checkers in Draper and Maltby, and I kind of figured that Yzerman was done considering he is about 40 years old and has gimpy knees and one eye right now (leadership I guess). I am really surprised that Brendan Morrow is on the team and Simone Gagne as well. I think the only reason is that Gagne was on the 2002 olympic team and Morrow just won the world championship with Canada.

    Notable absenses
    - Aucoin (nobody ever notices him, he has been statistically one of the best defensemen in the game the past few years and should be on the team)
    - Tanguay (why not him instead of Morrow or Gagne? Before he got injured he actually was Colorado's top scorer :eek: )
    - Kariya (I guess injuries ruined it for him)
    - Lecavalier (talented, but too much of a goal suck)
    - Bertuzzi (for the sake of team chemistry, good call)
    - Nash (41 goals, but only 19 years old)
    - Nolan
    - Shanahan
    - Nieuwendyk
    - Primeau
    - McCabe
  2. being the detroit fan that i am, draper was one of the only players who produced consistently in the playoffs for the wings. and you'd be hard pressed to find a guy as hard-working as drapes. yzerman managed a team-tying three goals, though he hasn't been for the last couple years the offensive force he was for most of his career.

    see shanahan's disappearance for a reason why he was not selected. and i'm glad to see the lumberjack getting some much deserved cold shoulder. bertuzzi is a bitch. same goes for hatcher. he works hard, but i don't like his style of play -- dirty. but i digress....

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    I think McCabe shoulda been there, but he's one of my favourite players so I'm a tad biased. I'm also a bit surprised they didn't put Nash on the taxi squad.

    I agree that no Bertuzzi is a good call. There are quite a few Avalanche players on the team and I'm sure they in particular don't want to share a dressing room with Bertuzzi right now.

    In any case, this is still one helluva good team with a good chance to win. I'm looking forward to seeing Super Mario on skates again.