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  1. Hi guys! I have a pedalboard with the nicest (at least to me) pedals I could afford (where I live everything roughly doubles the price of any pedal in the US) but I always have a digital multi fx for small gigs and if it's possible, using it as an interface to my computer and make little recordings. I had a Zoom 506 II Bass, a Zoom B2.1u, a Line6 PodXT Live Bass, a Zoom MS60 B and now a Digitech BP355. I tested all the models I could get my hands on. I still think they are a valid tool.
    But now... the market does not offer anything that moves me enough to buy it. Zoom B3n does not have the big screens, no XLR out, you have to install some amp models yourself and no expression pedal included. Digitech does not offer anything new for bass, and their new pedals (for guitars) have the circa 2007 AudioDNA2 processor but with a nice screen and no XLR out, and no Amp-Mixer selector. Boss is offering their nice GT1 b, but no new big boards. Line 6 has abbandoned us. They force you to buy the guitar models and wait if they are in the mood for releasing bass amp models, and even then you have to stick to guitar centered effects.
    Am I just a bitter bassist? Bass Multi Effects are selling so bad that they would not release new models?

    Cheers to all.
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    Jun 2, 2018
    Fender Studio 40 110 combo
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  3. ¡Nice! Are they thinking about release this as a pedal?
  4. ClusterFlux


    Apr 11, 2018
    You could also look into mobile phone apps, e.g. mobile versions of BIAS FX and Amp are very cheap, and ridiculously versatile. The modeling options in Amp are mind-boggling.
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  5. That would be great for home recordings, but I still don't trust apps for live playing. But I think that's where we are going in terms of technology.
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  6. It seems to me the industry might just have reached the point of diminishing returns, meaning the cost\benefit of any further improvement just ain't there. The current gap from the Zoom Line 6 quality to say the Kemper quality is not all that much but the cost difference is significant.
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    May 10, 2017
    Just my .02, but I've tried multifx units at all price points looking for the same solution as you mentioned. Zoom sound quality wasn't there for me and did not play nice when daisy chained with other pedals. The GT-1B was better. But I liked the Boss MS-3 which is highly useful with plenty for bass. My search ended with the Line6 HX Effects. Its designed for and easy to integrate into an existing setup. I've A/B'ed models with real pedals and ultimately the HX replaced some pedals, mainly effects pedals. The Obsidian model of the B7KU is a great example but I'm too attached to the B7KU to replace just yet. Line6 checks in often on the TB HX thread with tips, info, updates so bass players haven't been abandoned. You may be aware, but the HX is the effects side of the Helix. It doesn't have amp/cab sims, if you need those, but you can put a preamp pedal into the effects loop and then place it in the signal path as an assignable FX loop Block, which is awesome! With that feature I can use either my DP-3X, B7KU, or Mesa Subway as preamps and you can load IR's for cab sims. Its the control station for my board and insanely fun. If you're able, the HX is definitely worth a demo
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    Individual pedals is where it’s at! Also should mention I bought an ultra cheap zoom b1xon solely for using it for silent practice and to also have a drum beat to jam with through headphones. For what it is I think it’s super solid for being under $100 new my one and only gripe is that you can’t bypass the damn thing!!! Why on earth would they do that!?!?? Once you tweak the patches and make them useable you almost don’t need to bypass it but there’s still the annoyance of not being able to push a single button and be out of the unit and have your dry bass tone
  9. Don't know how popular it is with others, but I love my Boss ME-50b. I've also read Christian McBride uses it in studio (who knows for sure, however). I was also surprised to see this band's bassist using one when I saw them at a smaller venue a couple years ago.
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    High-end multi-effects are more the rage these days. Higher processing power makes for Better Sound. With the lower end, pretty much everything that can be done has been done, and the more expensive stuff is kind of a new frontier that hasn't been totally fulfilled yet.
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  11. elgranluis


    Feb 14, 2003
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    I have to agree that individual pedals is where it’s at. Find a great chorus , a great flanger , and all the dirt boxes that you can afford.
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    New Zealand
    I'm using the Line6 Helix for all my bass needs (effects, amp models, speaker sims etc) - its fantastic!
  13. Blaze Barlow

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    Mar 8, 2018
    Yeah.. I have a Lexicon MX 400 XL in my bass rack..its normally used for PA..but there are so many programs that can be used with bass..its just a sweet addition..and at $350..its a great deal..I use it sparingly..because less is more..but its there for a lot of different sounds if I want..and lexicon is the best there is at effects..
  14. I stepped away from multi fx and reverted back to single pedals. I couldn't justify the cost of a full midi setup when the only FX I actually use are some modulations, a bit of dirt and a good octaver.
    Sold all, made a nice extra € and these days, the chinese knock offs are as good as the real deal.
  15. Skybone


    Jun 20, 2016
    The Line6 Helix has all the bass amps & cabs pre-loaded, as well as loads of effects. Expensive, but well liked. Likewise, the Kemper Profiler & Axe-FX Fractal both have pre-loaded bass models loaded. Not sure about the Avid Eleven.

    These options are not really priced for the average player though. Shame, but maybe they'll come down in price over time. Maybe not.

    The alternative is buy something that is no longer the latest piece of gear. You can get a Line6 POD HD500x second hand, in very good condition with the original box, for a fraction of the price of a new one, spend $30 for the HD Bass pack, and still have change from the price of a new one.

    Likewise, the Zoom B3 is another good second hand purchase.
  16. I'm using a hybrid system, I have a valve preamp pedal and a second ampeg sounding preamp pedal I use at times, separate cabsim pedal and compressor pedal, I also have a loop expander around so my next board will have more analog pedals again, for me where I really want a specific sound and I use it alot I go for a pedal, but i'm running all of that with a Boss MS-3, there are things like EQ and some boosts that the MS-3 does really well to the point I wouldn't use something else, then there are things like modulation that I use rarily but when I do need one the MS-3 does what I need. So I now have one small pedalboard setup that I just use for everything.
  17. RexxRokket


    Apr 23, 2012
    Si te gustan los multiefectos quizás debas considerar la opción de un iPad que te permita usar BiasFx o Amplitube. Esos programas te dan buenos sonidos y los iPads son productos bastante confiables, creo que un poco más estables que los Android incluso. La ventaja del iPad es que es todo un Swiss Army, además de usarla para que sea tu pedalboard podrías hacer muchas otras cosas y eso suma bastantes puntos a mi modo de ver las cosas; a diferencia de una pedalera multiefectos que te limita solo a sus funciones básicas el iPad te sirve para infinidad de otras cosas y la batería suele durar entre 8 a 10 horas... es decir, aguanta para varios eventos ;).

    Si de por si no quieres un iPad pues lo mejor sería irte por pedales análogos, de seguro consigues varios que te gusten en el mercado de segunda mano.
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  18. Dave W

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    Mar 1, 2007
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    Actually, the HX Effects is one of the better multis on the market right now.

    With all of the routing options having specific bass effects is less important and you can simply add in a blend, with a HPF or LPF, and EQ.
  19. CRich0205


    Feb 17, 2013
    My Line 6 HX is pretty awesome. Sound quality is great and the routing options make it flexible. Hook it up to my computer and use the editor function and I’m solid on effects now.
  20. Pushing up and down simultaneously will put you in tuner/bypass mode which gives you a great bypass, my sound is unaltered in that mode and stepping on both switches at once is easy.

    But as you said, you almost don’t need to turn the darn thing off! I was concerned about the bypass thing at first, but I end up leaving a comp and eq setting always on. It’s efficient and noiseless!