Worried about my Sansamp PRogrammable Bass DI for pedalboard.

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  1. Hi I have the following effects:

    Sansamp Tech21 Programmable Bass DI
    AFP volume pedal (cheap one)

    I read in the DI's manual that the Tech21 product should come before anything else except tuner since it doesn't do anything to the signal.

    I also read on this forum somewhere that it doesn't really matter...so which advice should I take?
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    I was just asking myself the same thing today, mine's before everything but I think tomorrow I'll move it to the end of the chain, and I'm also thinking of getting a Boss Line Selector to put some fx on a loop and see if this make my pedalboard sound better. Right now I getting more volume from a sans-pedalboard setup and I don't like that at all!
  3. If you're using it as your DI it comes last.
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    Mine's been at the tail-end of the chain (see sig) for a couple of years now and it's doing fine in that spot. I followed the manual's instruction for the first couple of years and placed it around the middle spot and it worked fine as well. But if you want to use it as a DI, it HAS to be last. To my ears, there's no noticeable tone change when placed in that spot.

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    That's not what it says.

    From the Manual;

    One of the key attributes of any SansAmp is its responsiveness to the dynamics and nuances of your playing
    technique. In most cases, your bass should be plugged directly into the SansAmp.We suggest experimenting
    to find the order that’s best for you.
    As a general guide, we recommend:
    Place the following effects BEFORE SansAmp PBDR: Wah-Wah, Pre-Amp, Compressor, Fuzz Box, Envelope Follower.
    Place the following effects AFTER SansAmp PBDR: Chorus, Delay, EQ, Pitch Shifter, Reverb.
    NOTE: Low quality digital effects placed after SansAmp PBDR may compromise your signal and degrade the sound."

  6. um, suggesting that one experiment with placement (in a manual! of all places) suggests to me that the previous bassists' posts are probably correct about it being a non issue. technical manual writers are rarely bassists.
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    Because the SansAmp circuit is emulating a vintage tube amp we suggest using gain type effects, fuzz, OD, compressors, dist. etc before the unit. Time domain effects like delay and reverb normally sound better after the unit if you are using it for distortion. If the pedal is set clean it doesn't much matter. Chorus, flangers, octave pedals etc are more personal preference.

    If you are using the XLR out to the mixer you need it last unless you have a DI after it. Some effects will change the tone after the SansAmp so it's really up to the end user to experiment and see what works best for their application.
  9. Thanks, Tech21!