Worship bands: does yours lack some sort of seriousness?

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  1. The youth band I was in when I was in youth, we sort of lacked any form of seriousness. Frustration from the worship leader showed because we would practice the same part over and for and over until we got it right. My final year in twelfth grade was when it was actually concrete: the drummer, elec guitarist, and myself as a bassist formed the basis and the worship leader was so apply with that. He mentioned later that us three were the best he's ever gotten.

    Now I look at them now after graduating youth: that lack of seriousness shows. New leader, new members. The drummer always puts himself down, saying he sucks so much. Kinda hard to hear him say that because he can keep the beat almost always unless he gets too showy. The electric guitarist is really good but she lacks that knowledge of what to play in certain areas of a song. The bassist, I help her out a lot indirectly since I don't go to their practices (im not a teacher or volunteer) but she lacks the band mentality.

    I wish I could help them out but I am an outsider. I am not a volunteer or teacher so I feel like I have no right to intervene. I want them to get better for their benefit, not for me...but I feel a struggle.

    And let's not even mention the college praise band I was in.
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    You can always be encouraging. You can be helpful when asked. But in the end, kids are kids. You can't make them want to practice and sound better. You can try to motivate them and show them how much fun it can be, how they can use their talents to praise and worship the Savior and One True God. But they have to have the right mindset and do the actual work themselves.

    Can you ask the youth ministry to allow you to work with the kids' worship team? I don't see why they wouldn't let you help.

    For Him.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  3. Well their reasoning is that they don't need that many people helping out with the praise band. They have two people already helping out but one is the worship leader and the other tries his best to help, but I think he's a bit deaf because everytime he touches the sound mixer, everything gets louder.

    I play multiple instruments, including drums and I feel like the reason the drummer is having confidence issues is that he doesn't have anyone to support him. The other helper plays bass so he helps the bass player (not sure if helping or just trying to look like he's helping), keyboard and elec are already well founded so they don't need help. Just the drummer is kind of left alone.

    I feel so bad because I know what he's feeling. Hard to be confident when you don't know what you could be doing better or what you're already doing well.
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    All I can do is my best, both as a performer and as a mentor. After that the chips will fall where they will fall as it is out of my hands.

    That is not to say that I am not on sites like this one, practicing myself, hitting the method books and getting instruction and advice in leadership to make me a better player and mentor for my eventual potential replacement
  5. Hmmmmm that sounds about right
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    Yeah, you can't make band members want to practice.

    Just pray they are doing this as an act of worship. Of course, the start of my worship band was ego-driven, God can work out those details.