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  1. So I see from reading the forums that many of you play in worship bands. I used to be a guitar player in a church band, but that was so long ago that Delirious? was all the rage.

    We recently decided that our house is too small for the family now and we are looking to move house and because we are not happy with the standard of schools where we live we are looking to move towns. I am thinking of using this as an opportunity to find a church that has a band, as I would really love to play in a band again and think that my 5 string bass has what is needed to get me there, I just need to learn some songs.

    So....what songs are popular these days and where is the best place the get charts or music scores from these days?
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    Jul 22, 2011
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  3. Thank you!!
  4. I mostly just play in church but, oddly enough, don’t hit the praise and worship club that often. However, when I have looked in there it seems like a lot of the players post their upcoming or just played sets. Might be worth a look.

    I have some pastor friends in Cheltenham. Are you anywhere near there?
  5. I am the other end of England to them, not that anyone over the other side understands things like that since its only a days drive :laugh::laugh: but I don't drive I'm afraid, thank you for the offer though. Ah that's what the club is called, couldn't find them earlier, will have a look in. Cheers for the help!

  6. Yeah. We know them from the states. I know nothing about English geography except what I learned from Douglas Adams' books. :smug::laugh: Good luck with the search.
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    Reviving this thread :)

    it depends on what kind of church you attend. There are so many new churches that do old hymns in a folk style, to Hillsong, to EDM type of worship songs like Planetshakers.

    What kind of church do you attend?

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