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  1. crankaphathed


    Nov 4, 2001
    Hello all, I am new to Talk Bass, and after reading someone's post about their band being really bad, I thought I would ask you what your worst situation was. Mine, is easy. I was in a band with 5 other people, and to put it simply, our vocalist never opened his mouth. He never sung once. He only ever opened his mouth to abuse the rest of us. It was awful. And now, our second guitarist wasn't stupid. He was beyond stupid, brinking on moronically, unhealthly, stupid. He couldn't play anything unless it was on the top 2 strings. He didn't know how to tune a guitar, he didn't know what notes he was supposed to be tuned to, he didn't notice when he was completely out of tune, or when his amp settings had changed. He never listened at practice, or bothered to learn any of the songs, which is understandable, because there was not one song which he could play all the way through, beginning to end. Then, when we would tell him to learn a song, and get angry over the fact that he wouldn't, he would simply tell us that we were taking the band too seriously. And by the way, this guy couln't even spell the word guitar, and I am not bull****ting you. Anyway, I could sit here all night telling you all the bad things about him, but I am too tired!
  2. HarQ_X


    May 14, 2001
    Bandung, Indonesia
    wow! that isn't a band !

    anyway, i have a same problem with my old band.
    at first my vocalist is a friend whom took me and the rest of the band to a studio somewhere.....
    after that he started sing!! he sings like hell!!!
    but, OMG!! we can't kick him out coz if we did that there won't be anybody that could take us to the studio!! what a...