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Worst first gig experience

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by ch scribbles, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. Heres a story, that just happened today.

    My school was having a battle of the bands cometition, & my band signed up for it, so then there was a meeting being held, that we couldn't go to. So we lucked out, but my buddys band (white shag) got in it. We tryed gettin in, but because of a stupid 'band' that wants to play garbage cans & cardboard instruments, we couldn't go in it. So my buddys band broke up last night, then it all started.

    I was sleeping last night, & my buddy (fellow band mate) fones me & tells me that his guitar player has moved to Vancouver (we live on Vancouver island) & he says that, he has his spot in the battle of the bands tomorrow. So he tells me that he wants me & the drummer to join him in his spot. So im like, ok, since my band never got in it. So i talk to my drummer in the morning & he says that thats koo. So we go to school, we have 3 hours to get a P.A., speakers for it, speakers for out amps, mic's, cords, & we borrowed some extra cymbols from the band room. So we got all the stuff from the band room, moved it all the way to the gym, (long distance if your carying alotta stuff), so we take it to the drama room (drama is the stage that leads out to the gym). So then we talk to a guy on student councile who tells us that were playin on the gym floor. So we remove everything out to the gym floor. Themn we fined out that theres a p.e. class in there. So we talk to the P.E. teacher & we fined out that we can't set up till 11:10 (luch is at 11:22), so were starting to get mad. Then we fined out that we can't use language, so were starting to get worried about time to set up. so right at 11:10 we start moving stuff to the middle of the floor. we get the drum kit set up, the p.a. set up, our amps set up & instruments tuned just as they start letting people in. We start the show by tellin everyone our problem, I had just enough time to tell the geetar player how to play two of our songs, the rest we agreed we'd imprivise on. So we start by playin 2 of our songs, the we played inspector gadget, then the rest we improvised on. I knew all the people there, so i knew that they didn't mean it when they boo'd us & said that we sucked. So it wasn't that bad for the most part. But it was my first ever 'band' gig, i've played infront of lotsa people before but not with my own music. So when the gig was over, no one left, they all came down & picked up our instruments & started playing them, that pissed me off somewhat cause i hate when any one plays my bass, (im very pertective of my baby), so then a guy from student councille comes over & tells us to take it down. Thats a problem cause theres to many people in our area. So i had to take most of the stuff donw myself because my drummer is extreml;y weak, & the geetar player is shown off. So i take everything down, then we have to take it all back. Then we talk to some people & they tell us that it was good (liers) & we take it all back to the band rom, put it all back. Then i go to next class, & i feel shuned by everyone in my school, i was very well known for how good my band was, & now it feels like everyone abandoned me cause of this. So i talk to some peopl in this class & the say that it was bad, but i could of been worse. So now we have a new geetar player, I'm gonna teach him the songs & were gonna show the school how good we actually are next month when we play for them again. It just makes me mad that everyone thinks that we suck because we had 3 hours to pull this thig off. If me & my drummer had go into it, we would have beatin everyone in it, all my friends that have heard us said that. Its true, but im jsut choked cause they think that we suck. Sorry i went on so long about this, thanks for reading it, tell me what you think.
  2. Blackbird

    Blackbird Moderator Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000
    I think you need a dictionary.

    Sorry, dude. Venting is a healthy thing, but this just ain't the place.

    "Bass Humor and Gig Stories" is.
  3. Bad gigs happen.

    We (and another band) had a fairly lousy review of a gig we did on the weekend...but no mention of the fact that both bands had to drive 10 hours each way to play.

    One thing to remember: you're up there giving it a go, the audience isn't. It takes more guts to play to an audience than to be the audience simply sitting and watching.

    Don't try to explain to anyone why it didn't go as well as it could - people might take it as excuses. Simply kick arse next time and learn them a thing or two! :)
  4. Someday you'll look back and secretly miss it! You learn more from the bad then the good!
  5. yamahamofo

    yamahamofo Guest

    Feb 22, 2002
    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    my first gig we played at a redneck fair, and since we were playin metal, most people were passing by. PLus, it was 10 in morning, and it was windy as hell. in total, we had about five people watch us. We sucked, cuz my drummer couldnt keep a beat and my singer sucked. but we practiced more, and we kicked ass at our next gig
  6. 6-stringer

    6-stringer Guest

    Feb 5, 2000
    A few years ago, we somehow got booked at a biker joint. I have no idea how the bar got our info.
    It was in a college town. So, we figured it would be a college hangout.....right? Wrong. The place was full of drunken biker-hillbilly types screemin' for some Skinard. Did I mention that i play with a jam band. yea. We accually smoothed them over by playing a bunch of bluegrass standards and blues tunes. Not all bad, but hairy at first.

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