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  2. If the other piece(s) of the top are still with the bass and there's no other damage, for $300 I wouldn't hesitate a minute.
  3. 1bassplayinfool

    1bassplayinfool -Nowhere Man-

    Much appreciated, I will have to go have a look at it.
  4. Word is that the missing piece is gone.
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    If EVERYTHING is included- all of the parts and fittings, then you may have a nice project for the winter. No missing parts and no fittings; that bass should be free. Every time I've been offered up something like this and I thought, hey I can pull off the fingerboard and have a few spare parts for a couple hundred dollars, I wasted a week trying to get the damned superglued fingerboard off the neck, took on a huge headache and in the end I wished I just gave the original owner $200 and asked them to leave with the junk heap....but your mileage may differ from mine...

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    I contacted the seller today and he confirmed the missing pieces were gone. Replacing or repairing could get a little expensive. A brand new one is just north of 2K...