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Would anyone be so kind as to critique my playing?

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by LzeroKI, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. LzeroKI


    Dec 24, 2006
    Charlotte, NC
    So I did a thread like this a little while ago, and it really helped focus my practicing.

    I was hoping that you guys would listen to a recording I just made of an improv over a looped drum track.

    the song can be heard at www.purevolume.com/trevorbattista

    the song is called "Rock Beat Improv"

    A little backround, Ive been playing for about a year and a half now, and have never had a bass lesson. For those interested this was recorded on my SX fretless jazz 4 string through a zoom b2.1u multieffects pedal and then straight into my sound card.

    Thanks for listening guys and gals, and feel free to be as honest about my playing as possible.
  2. sounds pretty good, especially since you haven't been playing long and haven't had any lessons. Keep up the good work :)
  3. OrionManMatt


    Feb 17, 2004
    I would say that if you don't already, practice with a metronome. This is something I have to make a habit so that when I am moving around I am staying in time.

    The fretless sounds good too, man!
  4. Zhalimar


    Dec 13, 2004
    good job overall
    u have a good ability to display ur musical ideas
    but as has been mentioned, ur timing isn't great in this recording.
    i would try reducing some 'flashiness' and work on the groove.really need to hit those pockets. ;)
    i also feel u should watch ur dynamics a little more, i felt a bit of inconsistency there

    again, good stuff man. keep it up

    oh and very nice tone, if just a touch too bassy for me
  5. anonymous_111514

    anonymous_111514 Guest

    Oct 24, 2006
    cool stuff cool little grove you've got going. The only thing is timing in some places. im surprised how good that SX fretless sounds!
  6. Naminator01


    Oct 29, 2005
    Not trying to be rude but apart from the playing the slap tone on the funk improvisation was a no-no.

    It migh be your bass but apart from that it's great.
  7. Yeah dude, my biggest gripe would be the timing and the dynamics.
    Otherwise, pretty good considering you have had no lessons and only been playing 18 months. I remember how long it took me to be able to play well enough to even consider putting anything up for critique (am self-taught also).
    A metronome is a good idea, finding a guitarist or drummer, or both preferably, to jam with would be even better. I was in a band at about your level and my skill grew at a rapid rate thereafter.
    Keep up the good work mate. Oh, love the sound of the fretless too.
    P.S. For those interested, another good program for recording your own lines is Band in a Box. The basic version is reasonably cheap too.
  8. LzeroKI


    Dec 24, 2006
    Charlotte, NC
    Thanks for the help you guys, really, I appreciate it. Theres a metronome and a decent drum machine on my multieffects pedal, Ill start practicing along to that.

    Naminator, Im a little confused, do you mean my slap tone was a no-no, or everything but the slap tone was a no-no?

    Thanks guys
  9. +1 i totally agree with the band thing. I also joined a band at about the same level, and my skills grew a lot, and also able to develope my own style. i'm also self-taught aswell
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