would anyone want a sterling pickup?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by jasonbraatz, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. cos i'm going to put a bart pickup in mine, but if someone would want to buy the sterling's pickup, i'd be able to get it alot quicker :)

    this isn't a for sale post yet, i'm just wondering if i should bother trying to sell it.

    and before all the "don't change the pickup, only a MM pickup sounds like an MM" starts, let me say:

    that's the point ;)

  2. don't change the pickup, only a MM pickup sounds like an MM..... wait...I'm not supposed to say that.

    I say go for it man. I don't know what you'd be asking for it, but I'd like to have an OEM MM pickup laying around. I might swap out my SD basslines in my warmoth when I get around to redoing the control cavity. I think it'd be a cool deal. How's a big bag of doritos sound? Cool ranch? Nacho cheese...comon....cool ranch. cool ranch.
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    Jun 26, 2000
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    I would be seriously interested for a planned Warmoth / Moses project...
  4. ok, i'll post it for sale as soon as i get a new p-up.

    on a related topic - the Bartolini MMC - the dual coil one - can i still wire that to work series/single/parallel with my switch? it just won't be humbucking in single coil mode, right?

  5. ive done it. the volumes dont match between the settings. parallel is super quiet. the bart lasted about 5 minutes before i put the stock pickup back in.
  6. would the triple coil be different volume wise?

    what didn't you like about the sound? i'm looking for something with a lot of deep lows. the bass is WAY bright right now with the graphite neck, and i'm looking to even it out.

  7. i didnt really think the lows were improved at all. i really like the lows with the stock system but it is bright. id think pairing the stock pickup with a bart pre might achieve more of what you're looking for with the graphite neck. i found the stock pickup was more open sounding than the bart. the only way i got a sound i liked with the mmc was to run it passive.
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