Would like help ID'ing my bass

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  1. alisond


    Jul 20, 2013
    I've had this student bass since I was in high school. My father made violins, cellos, and violas, but instead of making a bass for me, he bought me this. Not sure what he paid in 1984 for it. Have seen that some of these basses are considered "crap" though, so I am a little concerned.
    Looks fully carved, built like a freaking tank, and has a cryptic label inside that reads "reproduction of Antonin Stradivarius" (who never made basses!) "g a pfrehpehuer" or something in a weird script, and some numbers. I can't find a name like that on the interwebs.
    Any help? I love this bass, still playing it after almost 30 years, and what I am trying to do right now is value it for my homeowner's insurance. Thanks!
  2. It doesn't say 'Antonin' it says 'Antonius' which was Stradivari's first name.

    It doesn't say 'g a pfrehpehuer' it says 'G.A. Pfretzschner', which is the name of a firm which took in the work of many European, mostly German shops, and resold them to foreign markets, primarily the USA.

    The only real clue I can see as to the quality is the maple of the back, which looks really very good. Extremely close annular rings, cut properly on the quarter, and neatly finished. I think it might help considerably if you bothered to post photographs of the belly and the back, and perhaps of the scroll, in aid of estimating the overall quality. But from the wood alone I'm guessing it's a decent 'advanced student' model bass. It'd be unusual for a Pfretzschner to have such high quality material in a lesser instrument, as they were a very predictable sort of firm selling in all price ranges (except master I suppose) and seemed not to make mistakes like using fine wood in a low-end bass.
  3. Well, it was made after WW2 and model 8950 seems to be one of the higher-end models in the line from what I've seen. As far as value goes, there must be a luthier or violin shop in Kansas who will perform a written appraisal for a fee.
  4. alisond


    Jul 20, 2013
    Much appreciated, especially the deciphering of the name.

    Sure, there are luthier shops here, and like I mentioned, my father is very knowledgeable, but I was interested in finding out what this community had to say about the brand.

    Thank you!
  5. It's a post-war shop bass. A good utility instrument, as my basses have been described.