For Trade Would like to trade my Ampeg MicroVR Head w/SVT 210AV Cabinet for a Hofner Contemporary bass-HTC 500

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  1. JImmy Campbell

    JImmy Campbell

    Jul 23, 2017
    Ampeg Micro VR stack.JPG Ampeg Micro VR stack.JPG Would like to trade my Ampeg MicroVR head with SVT 210AV cabinet for a used Hofner Contemporary bass, HTC-500/1-SB (sunburst) (RH) with HSC. My Ampeg rig is in excellent condition, never gigged with. Would like to trade for a Hofner Contemporary bass also in excellent condition. No Ignition series basses please.
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  2. Would you consider selling instead of a trade, what part of Bama you in? Huntsville here