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would these work together

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by BDL1991, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. hey, i was informed yesterday, that my planned choice of pick ups and pre-amp wouldn't work together due to the pick ups being seymourduncans and the preamp, bartolini, does this hold true, as i was told by a guitar teacher, who also runs the local music store, my choices would be

    Seymour duncan Hotstack for jazz for the bridge P/up

    Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound For P-Bass for the neck P/up


    Bartolini HR-3.4 Preamp Harness

    they'd be installed in a Stagg BC300 Gothic Black Bass, which is a passive bass with a Volume/Volume/Tone knob setup

    i have been told that it isn't worth doing this to the stagg seeing as i have a BC Rich 5string Zombie Exotic Classic bass on the way to replace it in it's tuning (drop-C im a fan of mid range for growlyness), but the main reason im gettin another bass is so i have the freedom to make the changes and hopefully upgrade the Stagg, as i plan to keep it throughout it's playing life until i am actually forced to retire it, even though im only 18, i prefer to keep things that i can still use rather than give it away for something shinier, sure i have the occasional bout of G.A.S but, i won't sell any of my stuff at the moment and i need to learn to drive still but yea, would these items work together, i had searched an not found up anything i've been looking for, if someone knows of a similar thread please feel free to link me to it.
    thanks in advance
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  3. scarekrow


    Jan 27, 2007
    Yea, it would work as long as the Stagg p'ups are a standard size as the Duncans are. I'm not familiar with a Stagg, but they probably will fit just fine. As you seem to really like the bass & wanna keep it, it may not matter that the upgrade will probably cost more than the bass did... I think that upgrade would rock. I personally like both active & passive basses - you might consider having a switch to bypass the Bartolini just for those passive times when you wanna crank the distortion box and not have your amp crap out.
  4. adding a bypass switch does seem a rather good suggestion, and would enable me to put on a nice raw bass tone for when my band decides we need to be heavy and as the saying goes "put a donk on it", and the upgrade I have planned will cost £368-£416 so say £200-£300 more than the bass is worth brand new,
  5. here is another question i'll put forward, is a bypass switch the same thing as passive/active switch? and if so, I'm thinking of changing my pick of Preamps, due to bartolini, giving a passive/active switch as an option on some preamps, 1 of which is similar to the one i was looking at except with volume/blend/tone/tone, which would require adding a new hole in the body but if it'll give the bass a more versitile sound that it could be a fair plan

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