would this do the job for Slang?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Matt R Miller, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Matt R Miller

    Matt R Miller

    Apr 27, 2003

    its a boss dr. sample. i want to be able to do things like Jaco does in Slang. i need a sampler that can layer multiple riffs at the same time. any thoughts?
  2. TaySte_2000


    Jun 23, 2001
    Manchester, UK
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    You might want to try looking at a line6 Dl4 or the boss rc-20 they both loop and allow multiple over dubs. The Dl4 also works as a very good delay pedal.

    I think Jaco only used a standard delay pedal so u might not need the 24 secs the Dl4 has or the 5 1/2 mins the rc20 has.

    Have a look at the digitech digidelay that might do for your needs, also pop along to the ask a pro section and speak to Steve Lawson he specialises in this sort of thing.

    Hope this helps