Would this even be a clear coating option?

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  1. Looks simple enough, but would it work for guitar bodies?

  2. One question that immediately comes to mind is how to handle the curved edges of an instrument, and how to apply finish to both sides without leaving a ridge of glue somewhere?
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  3. That was kind if what I was thinking too, but I figured you folks are way smarter than me and would figure something out.

  4. Coolhandjjl


    Oct 13, 2010
    Most finishes are already a two-part conversion varnish, known as CV. It is comprised of a resin and a also catalyst to promote rapid curing. It’s just sprayed on and self-levels instead of being poured on screed-off like in the video
  5. Another hurdle that would have to be overcome is a method to screed off the excess epoxy without filling the pickup cavities, screw holes, neck pocket, etc.
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    Has numerous issues, among other things that type of application only works on a dead flat surface, which is a limited subset of guitar styles/shapes.

    Which is not to say that we don't have folks finishing with epoxy - just not that type of low-viscosity bartop epoxy. As far as I recall there's a good bit of epoxy finishing (epoxy as sealer, epoxy as the finish itself) discussion in one or more of mapleglo's Devil Bass build threads.
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  7. See, that's why I come to you dudes, because you think ofall the angles!

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    Here on the Luther's Corner, as a group we have tried just about every finishing method that exists, in the endless search for some process that's super easy and foolproof. We're still looking....Most of us will agree that finishing basses is much harder than building them.
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  9. I agree with that. I'm finishing a guitar body right now and clear coating is the part I dread the most. Currently I'm using a wipe on poly mixture that seems to be working well.

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    I come back to wipe on poly and tru-oil all the freakin' time... :D
  11. On my current project I just moved into the step of straight Minwax wipe on poly. Up to now I was using a 50/50 mix of poly and mineraa spirits.
    One wet coat. It went on pretty level.