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    Wounded Paw Blender V4 *Sold* (Wounded Paw Blender V4 | Valley Music Gear)
    Not sure what year this is from, I purchased it used from Guitar Center and it did not have any paperwork or the original box. Comes as seen here, in perfect working order. I thought it would be great to have total control over my tone but it turns it it's way more than I ever needed. No blemishes, can take more pics or record a demo if needed, just ask.
    P.S. This model does not have the HPF.

    EQD Tone Job V2 *SOLD*
    (EarthQuaker Devices Tone Job V2 EQ & Booster)

    Purchased new from Sweetwater in 2018. Thing sounded great when I needed a quick EQ/Passive boost but now I'm using a Sansamp Bass Driver as my main tone enhancement so this thing is not getting used. Little bit of adhesive still on the back from velcro but you can't see it, it' s just a lil sticky.

    Darkglass Alpha Omicron *SOLD* (Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omicron Preamp)
    This thing gets nasty but I'm looking to upgrade to the Alpha/Omega to control the EQ a bit. Perfect condition, used live twice, no blemishes. Will come with original box, this was purchased from Sweetwater in 2019.

    Tech 21 VT Bass *Character Series* $90
    (Tech 21 VT Bass | Valley Music Gear)

    Bought this used in ~2017, used it a lot for a year then decided it wasn't what I was looking for. Great for getting an Ampeg distortion in a pedal. It goes all the way from a tiny amount of character to straight up Cliff Burton. I loved it when I first got it but it's just not fitting the sound I'm going for at the moment. Works great but it does have some ground loop-esque hum even when it's on an iso power supply. No visible blemishes, it's been taken care of throughout it's life. Will ship in a beat up Tech 21 case.

    Feel free to PM if you have additional questions.

    Alpha Omicron 1.jpg Alpha Omicron 2.jpg Alpha Omicron 3.jpg Alpha Omicron 4.jpg ToneJob 1.jpg ToneJob 2.jpg ToneJob 3.jpg ToneJob 4.jpg ToneJob 5.jpg ToneJob 6.jpg VT BASS 1.jpg VT BASS 2.jpg VT BASS 5.jpg VTBASS 3.jpg VTBASS 4.jpg Wounded Paw 1.jpg Wounded Paw 2.jpg Wounded Paw 3.jpg
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