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  1. Robert Johnson- King of blues, Id always heard great things , but had never heard his actual recordings, so out of intrest tody i purchased the complete recordings cd. I popped it in when i got in the car, turned it to "Hellhound on My Trail"- because i had heard many things about that song. As soon as the jangly guitar and painridden howl started up .........I got so consumed in the blues that i lost concentration on the road and almost wrecked. His music blew me away. ive listened to that entire album 5 times since i got it at 11:30 today. It is amazing. What a genius, surely the man really did sell his soul to the devil to get that powerful blues!Ya know, i almost cant believe he even really existed, he so mythical , so mysterious.So ****in Brilliant!!

    Any other fans of this blues genius?