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Wow incredible Alembic fake

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Arnie, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Arnie


    May 14, 2005
    Kingston, NY
  2. SactoBass

    SactoBass There are some who call me.......Sactobass Supporting Member

    Jul 8, 2009
    Sacramento CA
    Yep. Fernandez basses have been around for quite a while (many years). They make copies of various basses. If someone is on a budget and can't afford the real deal, these are an option worth considering.
  3. malthumb


    Mar 25, 2001
    The Motor City
    Wow. That one was practically in my backyard. He was apparently at Motor City Guitars. About a 40 minute drive from my house. Would've loved to have tried it with my box and cable to see if it handles off board power like an Alembic.
  4. 77PBass

    77PBass Banned

    Dec 5, 2007
    sounded like a precision.
  5. malthumb


    Mar 25, 2001
    The Motor City
    Sounded very muffled and non-descript to me. Not surprising, listening through an iPad / JBL Charge. And who knows what he was playing it through.
  6. Arnie


    May 14, 2005
    Kingston, NY
    I gather since it was "Lawsuit" they are impossible to find now!?
  7. A "Fake" you say?

    My pardon but, no. It is a "tribute" piece. Or, as we prefer, an "Homage" piece.

    (true with watches too).
  8. One of the few non-Gibson basses I owned was the Kawai FIIB. Extremely well made, but the electronics weren't that great. I wound up using it mostly in rock bands, where the tone wasn't all that important. But what a wonderfully playing bass it was! It could have been helped, no doubt, but that was a low-income time for me, about like now, so I sold it on ebay, for twice what I paid, and reverted to my good old trusty Gibsons. Everything is gone now except my RD-77, which will probably be buried with me. An interesting (to me) story about the Kawai; I pawned it once, and it was accidentally (on the part of the pawn shop) released to a guy who had pawned a $50 guitar and had a pawn number one digit off from mine. He sold the bass on ebay to someone in Canada. When I tried to get it out of pawn, the mistake was discovered, and the pawn shop spent the money to find it and get it back for me, which cost them quite a bit. I felt bad about that, and even told them they could give me what they would spend recovering it, but they got it back.
  9. edpal

    edpal Banned

    Oct 3, 2007
    Yeah, that's just like 20 minutes from me. This is OT, but are you ever disappointed by the bass selection at MCG? Their guitar selection is great but the bass section seems to be stuffed with a lot of low-end stuff and then a handful of higher-end stuff on the wall closer to the front. I really like Marty(owner) and have followed them through 3 moves to bigger digs but have never bought a bass there.:rolleyes: Despite the very reasonable pricing (he'll generally match Musiciansfriend or Music123).

    BOT - yeah, the Fernandes sounded pretty decent considering the capture was apparently from a cell phone. Love the body style, always makes me think of Stanley Clark.
  10. malthumb


    Mar 25, 2001
    The Motor City
    Since I don't work in Pontiac anymore, I hardly ever get back there much. They always have had quite a few low end instruments, but it almost always found something interesting when I went. One time an early Tobias, for a while they were carrying a lot of MTD Z and Kingston basses, some G&L. One of the few places that carried Peavey Cirrus, although the last few times I recall they only had BXP versions.
  11. bigscore1000


    Mar 6, 2004