Wow that was quick, Eden is discontinuing its Nemesis RS and NSP line..

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  1. I just bought my combo RS115 and N115RS cab about 2 years ago when they first came out and now their done making them along with the NSP line as well? I had to wait a few months to get the latest and newest stuff from Eden when I bought them.. I actually have mine for sale due to financial issues and saw that most of the Websites where blowing them out price wise, which didn’t help my cause, and then they had "no more stock available".. the website forum said there no longer making them. What’s the deal with Eden, I mean it was a viable product, sounds great, very portable and loud, but where they missing something else with the Nemesis line?
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    They were missing sales, most likely.
  3. Smurf-o-Deth

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    The state of denial.
  4. unfortunate sign of the times..
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    I agree with Jimmy. Maybe Eden also decided they had better focus on the David/WT series which put them on the map in the first place. With the issues they've had in the past, maybe they will try to get that line back to it's former glory.?.?
  6. Didn't they just introduce the new WXT line as well?
  7. Yeah they are focusing on the EN series which takes the place of the RS and NSP line and are supposed to sound more like the D series, Sort of a Epifunky line.

    I dont know... seems like some folks liked the old Nemesis line b/c they did sound different then the D series and had its own charector? Plus the new EN cabs are larger (same size and specs as the D series) and probably weigh a touch more as well, so it really is good bye to the true Nemesis.