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    Aug 13, 2001
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    Wow, where to start.I just wanted to tell you guys and gals about my day.I am new here but I had to share with you about my first time to preform with the URB. I have been playing electric for going on 14 years but the URB for less than a year.I play with a rock-n type praise and worship team in Nashville,TN and today I played double bass on a couple of songs. Half way thru the first song I noticed leg was shaking.....I havent been nurvous about playing in years and years and my leg is shaking. I loved it. For those few short moments of my life I felt so .........alive. I know this may sound cheesy but I can`t wait to do it more. I got so many complaments and everybody kept asking all about the double bass. The rest of the band was impressed and they want to work a few more songs around it. I said all this to say thanks for the all the information you all have posted. It has helped greatly. Now I`m not about to put away the electric but I have a whole new respect and love for the upright. Thanks again and keep up the Threads. Trust me, your knowhow and willingness to share it is helping newbies like me everyday. THANKS.....
  2. Cool...Just wait till' you play in a 400 seat theatre (with no amplification or mics with a 23 piece swing band) and people from the back of the room compliment how well the bass sounded. That has been my biggest woody of the year.

    May we ALL remain blessed with exitement for the DB in our years to come...
  3. davegr8house

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    Aug 13, 2001
    Franklin, Tennessee
    How did you pull that off with no mic. or amp? Just wondering. I got a Golden Trinity Mic. from K&K. Had a feedback problem so I wrote "all hail Bob" whom I bought it from and he suggested an EQ. Got that and the problem was fixed. The mic. works great alone and sounds pure. For you to play at a 400 seat gig and use no da man.


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    May 25, 2000
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    He stood in front of a glass door ;-)

  5. I too was surprised. I showed up to the show with my K&K pickup and my AKG C3000 counting on using one of them. I decided to play the first tune with no reinforcement and it was a perfect mix. (I was even standing next to the drummer!) The conducter was happy and several people from the back of the room came down afterwards and said they could hear every note I played that night. (Then I thought of all of those klams...) Anyway, being that it was my first time with a big band and playing "unplugged" and all, I was on a high for a couple of weeks after that...
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    Aug 15, 2000
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    The good ones never die. :D
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    Sep 16, 2000
    Asking you, seriously: HOW did you do that?

    I'm kind of a semi-beginner with small hands . . . in my high school's final concert two months ago, the amp went half-dead (was giving half the sound with twice the feedback). So I had to pull a lot harder and in that short 20 minutes or so, created more pain and callouses than all of the past year. And they still couldn't hear me.
  8. There have been other threads here on this same topic. It boils down to technique. It has as much to do, or more, with the left hand than the right. Pulling the strings harder will not make you much louder. In fact, if you pull too hard it will actually prevent the bass from vibrating which will cause you to lose some volume.