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    Jan 25, 2011
    S.E. Mo
    I'm a constant pawn shop visitor & yesterday as my wife was at a regular doctors appointment out of town I hit the few pawn shops in the area. I saw my very first Peavey T-60 guitar in gorgeous natural wood finish priced at $299, I assume that is a good price. Anyway hanging on the wall was a Squire jazz bass in my favorite color white with a black pick guard but, it had block inlays and a maple neck. I have only seen block inlays in photos on the web but, wow it looked totally different & beautiful in person. It was also marked $299. If I only had $300 at the time. But, here is my actual reason for posting, there was a Fender jazz that stated it was a Mexican made for $399 & I noticed that there were no type of serial number anywhere on the back of the headstock. I know that Fender puts a serial number in the neck pocket & I know Fenders are one of if not the most counterfeited bass's so is it a red flag not to have some type of serial number on the headstock.

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    I enjoyed your impressions of the basses you saw. Did you get any pics of any of them?
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