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Wrist/hand pain

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Usul, Dec 24, 2001.

  1. I`ve never really had to deal with this problem before....

    Lately I notice when I practice sitting down my right
    wrist/forearm(my plucking hand) gets sore and a bit swollen from my arm pressing down on my bass(P).

    I try to practice standing up as much as possible now but since my back injury last summer this is somewhat or very uncomfortable.Depending on the length of time I practice.:(

    I`ve also been trying to pluck closer to the bridge as it seems easier on the arm than going over the
    hump of the body.This sucks because I really think my bass sounds better when I play directly over the pup.

    Soaking with ice water or ice packs helps but I`m kind of worried here.Anybody else have episodes like this or similar ones?I`m open to any and all suggestions,etc.

    Oh....and if that`s not enough.*sigh* The tendons on the top of my right(plucking)hand have been bothering me a bit also.Sucks as I have really had to cut back on my playing/practicing.:(

    Thanks for listening.
  2. that stinks, a few months ago I tried to wear my bass higher. it was nice to have the neck up there, but my wrist on my plucking hand got fatigued really fast. so, I dropped it back down so my wrist and arm is in a straight line directly going toward the strings. now it doesn't hurt. but, I look like I'm tryin to be some heavy metal dude or something...

    yeah, I like pluckin right over the neck pup. I don't like the sound I get pluckin over the bridge.

    I hope you're not gettin tendonitis, that would stink.:(

    hope you feel better soon.:)
  3. Try playing your other bass ( ergodyne for a while... it has better comfort, and should give less problems with it. ( no sh1t )

    other thing.. try different positions.. hang your bass lower / higher, more to the side or center of your body, etc.

    last thing.. try to keep your hand in 1 line with the rest of your arm. for finger style, you need not to move your wrist.just thy fingerzzzzz ;)
  4. Hey chump stain.. i was wondering.. what does your avatar mean ?

    In Holland.. when people put one of those fish thingies on their car.. it's sort of a sign that says " hey look at me, i'm a butthead "..

    Dunno what it's like in USA tho..
  5. I believe it came from a time when Christianity was illegal in some countries (which it still is in some). So, in order to gather without being killed, Christians would draw a fish outside the door (or wherever) so other Christians would know it was a church or a gathering place for Christians. an alternative for the Cross (our major symbol).
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  6. Actually the fish comes from Icthus, its a greek word for fish, each letter of Icthus is some religious thingy
    The I is Iesus, but thats as far as my religious knowledge goes. :)

    but you were right with the illegal bit
  7. Okay thats cool, but I don't want to highjack this guys thread. so, if you guys want to talk more about this stuff PM me.
    back to wrist pain.
  8. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member



    Back On Topic.

    Usul, it sounds as if you may be experiencing some of the first stages of some sort of Repetitive Stress Injury, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. RSI's do not get better on their own, particularly CTS. The only ways to make a RSI get better is to either stop what is causing it, or get some medical help (treatment and therapy) and advice(changing the way that you are doing whatever is causing the problem).

    If it is merely tendinitis, which is a big problem itself, lessening the activity and taking anitinflammatories can help to a certain extent.

    My first piece of advice would be to see a Doctor that specializes in Sports Medicine.

    For now, I would play standing up as much as your back can take, and also try Allodox' advice of playing your other basses. Perhaps you can find that one of them works better when sitting down, and using the P ass for standing up.

    Good luck, and whatever you do, don't ignore this if it persists. If you ignore it and play through the pain, you run a very real risk of doing permanent damage that might only be corrected with surgery.

    Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the input guys.

    I forgot to mention I did a search on this topic before I posted and spent over an hour reading and looking at the links.Lots of good info.

    Allodox,I will start up on the Ergo again next time I play,never even thought of that!Dank je wel! :)
    You just want me to start playing her again so I don`t sell her! :p (which is what will happen if I do!).

    Embellisher,hopefully I can get to a dr. as soon as the holidays are over.In the meantime,I`ll follow your advice.

    Happy Holidays you guys(and all my fellow TBers!)

  10. The video by Gary Willis has a good segment on this very problem, and how to hold your bass to alleviate it.

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