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Wrists,hands,joints...any massage,heat or tension reducing techniques?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by VS, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. VS


    Jun 6, 2002
    Mountain City, Tennessee
    Discounted Gear: Peavey
    I use my hands extensively everyday and they need to unwind,any thoughts? Thank you,Luke :help:
  2. ALWAYS make sure you stretch, and warm up and then warm down be fore and after activities.

    everyday = bad, ok? your joints ALWAYS need a break!

    the best thing I can think of would be go for a warm bath, or just soak your hands in a basin on water.

    a massage would also really help you unwind! :)
  3. yoshi


    Jul 12, 2002
    England, London
    Whatever you do, stop whenever you get pain!

    My idiot of a brother played guitar a LOT when he bailed out of college last jan. Over a few weeks/months, he started getting wrist pain. Of course, he didn't cut down guitar or computer useage. A few weeks after that, the wrist joint started to 'pop' when moved sideways.

    A few more weeks after this, the elbow started to click and pop too.

    A few more weeks after that, his shoulder joint is doing the same.

    A few days after that aka present date (well yesterday) he's seriously considering selling his whole guitar set up - a Pevey 5150 mk2 head + a big cab, a Maverick F1 axe, a zoom pedal of some sort and wosrt of all, his signiture ywnige malmsteen signiture fender :bawl:

    All this time (ie over teh year or so of wrist badness) he's been back and forth to teh docs. He's got an appointment with a specialist (another) sometime this month so fingers crossed its fixable..

    Erk, sorry I whined on./hi-jacked the thread..
  4. Word to that.
    I was in prety the same position, except I read and found out about CTS, so I started stretching etc, but the differance was slight.

    Last year I gave up rugby, last May. I only "finished" healing around September.

    Last weekend I went for a game of rugby, and I'm screwed, again. :bawl:

    double hi-jack! *high 5 with yoshi* :p :smug:
  5. just gotta do them very slowly and take great care to not overstretch.

    hold your arm with your elbow on your hip/waist area. face palms upward. v-e-r-y slowly and deliberately, pull back your four fingers, till you feel a resistance in your wrist and inner forearm. hold for 3 seconds and release. do this 2 or 3 times on each hand, and gradually build up the reps. do it throughout the day, but never till you feel pain, just a good, deep stretch.

    place palms together. elbows should be out, like you're in a prayer position. slowly let one hand bend the other back. this is more of a finger stretch, but if you can, try to stretch the wrists a bit, too.

    extend your arms out to your sides fully, drop your shoulders, and open and close your hands slowly and deliberately, clenching hands into a fist when closing.

    massage: use your thumb to rub the fleshy part beneath the thumb of the other hand. depending on the pressure applied, this can hurt or just feel a little weird. rub it [use a little cream if yer hands are dry] with a deep, penetrating motion. you should feel some of the muscles/fibers in that area of your hand.

    there are also these things called flexballs, i believe. they are essentially small, thick latex balloons stuffed with rice or flaxseed or some such moveable item. they are very good for massaging your hands, or you can squeeze them for a good hand exercise.

    also consider breaking down and buying one of those hot paraffin wax tubs, about 40 bux or so. you melt a chunk of wax [included] completely in the tub, then soak your hands in the hot wax for as long as you can deal [don't touch the bottom of the tub or you'll burn yourself]. you can go the full route and cover your hands with the plastic gloves they give you and relax a while, but then your hands may be so soft and smooth, you're apt to be called 'girlie-man' by your guy friends. you can just peel the wax off instead.



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