Writing/Arranging Sessions: Cell Phone Recordings, Flubs, and Forgotten Lyrics

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    You know, I find it a little interesting that there’s no section of TB that seems really to be devoted to writing and arranging. Sure, recordings are represented (obviously since that’s where I’m putting this), along with tablature and notation, and I guess there's general instruction, but none of those really seem fitting when it comes to those more creative aspects of playing bass… but I digress.

    I figured it might be fun to share a few of those super raw recordings every now and then. Typically for the bands I’m in, and this is probably true of the way 90% of original bands operate, one or two members will submit the seed of a song they’ve been working on – usually some lyrics along with a chord progression or two, and from there everybody has at it until we’ve created something that we’re all happy with.

    Sometimes things almost magically come together over the course of a few hours. Sometimes they take a few sessions, and sometimes an idea might be tabled for almost forever until it’s miraculously brought back to life. Regardless, whenever a song is deemed ready from an arrangement perspective, we usually take a celebratory cell-phone recording as a reference.

    The song below, recorded a few nights ago, is one of those more magical ones that went from a few choice lyrics and chord structure to pretty much a fully arranged song over the course of essentially one night, at which point we recorded it. These types of songs that come together quickly produce some of my favorite recordings, because while the structure may be relatively baked, parts-wise, it’s still undercooked enough to give you salmonella ;) – everybody's still feeling their way around (usually with a few drinks in them nonetheless), lending a sort of exuberant chaos to the songs that I find fun to listen to.

    Bass parts obviously still have a good bit of work (disclaimer: beer was involved in this recording), and overall it’s a bit of a mess, but a fun mess that I’m happy to share! :bassist:

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    Thanks for sharing!

    I'd like to hear more recordings that sound somewhere between this and the overly polished, overproduced commercial stuff - preferably leaning toward the raw sound.
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    Thread arise! I had forgotten about this one, but the relatively recent talk about trying to find a home for writing/arrangement discussion brought this post top of mind again, and I figured I'd finally pay off that original delightfully sloppy track off with the finished product for contrast/comparison.

    As featured on @TemplesOfSyrinx 's TallkBass Original Artists Spotify Playlist:

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    ...and then submit a new cellphone-recorded rough entry! ;) This is the first recording that we did for this one after we had the general structure down:

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    Anybody else willing to give a glimpse into the sausage making process that is song-crafting that they'd be willing to share? :)
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