Writing lyrics?

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by jerman, Oct 31, 2001.

  1. jerman

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    Oct 12, 2001
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    I found out that writing lyrics is a lot harder than it seemed like it would be. All of our songs so far have just been a song that doesnt have any chorus or any structure they just tell a story from start to finish. Does that seem weird or is it just something that you go through when you are just starting out. Any advice you have for me is appreciated?
    Thanks, Jerman
  2. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    I'm not the best person to answer. However I am the only person (as yet) to answer.

    If its your song you can write it any way you please. Personally I like to have something in a song that stands out. For me its an intro riff and a chorus. One of my chorus consists of "Just be yourself" x2I know that rhyming self with self lacks imagination but who says it has to rhyme?

    Do what you want but always put something in there for the audience/listener to recognise/sing along out of tune.

    All of the above is opinion and usually proved wrong by Brad Johnson (yes I am joking).
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    Oct 27, 2001
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    hey jerman,
    writing lyrics is not hard. Writing good lyrics is the key. What makes good lyrics? Well that depends on who's listening. Lyrics are poetry, write a poem. Don't think song when you do it. After you've done that, break it up, come up with a chorus ( which will depend on the poem). Once you get something that you like, that's the time to put the music to it.
  4. You could do it like me and just write down all the really messed up stuff you have in your head then organize it into a song.
    If anybody knew what I was talking about they would send me to......they would look at me funny.
  5. Matthew West

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    Sep 7, 2000
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    Just write a bunch of nonsense. Rock and roll doesn't make sense anyway.
  6. ColonelZulu

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    Apr 14, 2001
    Two ways I've used.
    Choose a topic that has much meaning to you. It will help your thoughts flow. Write a narative about the subject. Pick out the salient points and convert some of the thoughts into catch-phrases and buzz-words that you can repeat.

    I also just pick a cool word or phrase that rolls of your tounge, like "twist" or "go". Something that fills a hook that an audience can yell along with you.

    hamanama nosense, pick you up a number


    If that's the way you're neeging, screw it upa brewski


    Onandon a verses, throw a buncha swear-words


    You get the point.
  7. hamanama nosense, pick you up a number


    If that's the way you're neeging, screw it upa brewski


    Onandon a verses, throw a buncha swear-words



    Can I use this???
  8. BassMisfit

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    Dec 31, 2000
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    Well what I do when wrting a song is this. For no reason some lyrics will pop into my head, I either grab my bass or write them down. Then when I have time to play I say the lyrics in my head and start hittin different notes on my bass(usually I already have the key the lyrics decided). Within about 15 seconds I have the beginning to the song and usually it flows from there and within 10 minutes I have the entire song! Once I start writing i'm completely oblivious to anything around me. This may not help you but this is the way it works for me.
  9. Hategear

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    Apr 6, 2001
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    If I write lyrics, I seem to have a hard time putting music to them. If I write the music for a song, I have a hard time putting lyrics to it. What's up wit dat?

    Most times, anything that I write, whether it be a cool riff or some lyrics to a would-be song, something just pops into my head and I work from there. It's very hard for me to schedule a time to write a song (as my band is constantly nagging me to do). Maybe you're forcing it too much? Relax and just let the words come to your mind. Like Matthew West said, they don't necessarily have to make sense.
  10. BaSsDuDe230

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    Sep 17, 2001
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    Yea...lyrics will come to you at the worst times (In the middle of a test at school for instance :D) But onething is u wanna make most of em rhyme tho...you dont wanna end up like some Fred Durst Stuff or Juvinile (SP?) stuff (I heard somethin by Juvinile (sp?) that had every line ending with "She Get It From Her Mama" Gotta love that ;))
  11. red-hot-bassist

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    Sep 18, 2001
    lyrics are supposed to come naturaly, if you aint a lyricist then you aint a lyricist don't force it. most lyrics suck anyway and are just about some pish that dosent matter
  12. One thing I've noticed about lyrics is, don't worry about the lyrics themselves being good. The important thing isn't necessarily to write top quality lyrics(though it sometimes helps) but to be able to incorporate it into a song. I'm surprised when I listen to song and I think the words to is are simply amazing, but when I read them on a piece of paper, no music, they can seem contrived, unimaginative and sometimes cookie-cutter. I've found that reading lyrics while listening to a song for the first time can sort of ruin the experience because you know what the word sounds like and when the singer sings it, he often distorts it in some way (like with words such as sincere, or month, or long ones like confusion).

    Writing it as if it were poetry helps, but if you keep on bashing yourself saying "Oh! That line's stupid!" or "I should get rid of that", you'll never write a song. First, write the words, then write the song, play them together and try to fine tune the song to fit the words. I've found this is the easiest way to write songs.

    Hope it helps,
  13. cassanova


    Sep 4, 2000

    when i compose lyrics, i usually have a melody in my head of how id like the tune to be sung, i also have a some sort of an idea of how id like the drumline and bassline to go as well.

    Ill then think of a title, and start jotting down anything that comes to mind, its usually a chorus part, and after that i just tinker around with the verses, jotting anything down on paper that comes to mind.
  14. ldiezman

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    Jul 11, 2001
    to me writting lyrics is just like telling a story... I don't use cheesy rhyme schemes.... doing cheesy stuff like that gets you laughed at. Also. making sure your music has a good structure to it is key in making a song good.