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WT-600 -> Bag End cab via Speakon = Adjust Wiring?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jetforcex, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. jetforcex


    Sep 23, 2003
    Hi just a quick (dumb) question, I searched but couldn't find a clear answer.

    If I want to run an Eden WT-600, which has a standard NL4 speakon output, to a Bag End cab (S15X-D), which also has a standard speakon jack...

    ...using a regular 12-gauge speaker cable with NL4FX connectors on each end...

    ...do I have to change the Bag End speakon configuration internally to get sound? Like, I've read some things about how the general standard is -1/+1 but Bag End wires their cabs -2/+2. How would I go about making the change? Do I have to remove the entire jackplate and find a jumper, or just the smaller speakon cover and...adjust something....?

    Any specific instructions and wisdom would be seriously appreciated.
  2. jetforcex


    Sep 23, 2003
    Errr....okay......just supposing I have to remove the backplate on the Bag End and look for some jumpers, what will I find? Red wire and black wire? Move the wires over to the other set of protruding metal jacks? And does the jumper on +2 go to the +1 jack, and -2 jumper move over to the -1 jack? Can it be that simple?
  3. HeavyDuty

    HeavyDuty Supporting Curmudgeon Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 26, 2000
    Suburban Chicago, IL
    First off, how old is the cab? Bag End changed their jackplates about two years ago to allow you to rewire them from +/-2 to +/-1. It sounds like that's what you have.

    Bag End has traditionally used +/-1 for their subwoofers, but finally realized that all of us bass players needed that pair for full range. If you have the redesigned jackplate, that's all you need to do - move +2 to +1, and -2 to -1. Check for proper polarity, then you're done!

    If you have the older style jackplate, you have two choices - build a special cable or get a replacement plate from Bag End. Should cost about the same either way, but there's less chance for screwups if you change the jackplate. That's what I did to both of my S15-Ds.
  4. jetforcex


    Sep 23, 2003
    Hey thanks man. It's a newer cab, with the revised jackplate. It was easy enough. I'm listing the "steps" here for the sake of other dunderheads like me who might use the Search feature looking for just this type of specific info. It baffles me that, aside from a tiny tiny paragraph on a FAQ on the Bag End website, this doesn't seem to be all that well documented. To me it seems like quite a departure from "standard config" to have to go inside a cab and switch jumpers around just to interface with a standard config amp head. But I guess Bag End is quirky in a variety of ways. Love this cabinet though.

    Quick wiring reconfig tutorial for confused new Bag End owners:

    Quick background: It seems that for your speakon cable connection, most amps and cabs have things wired +1/-1 as sort of a standard. Not Bag End though. They wire their cabs to "Pin 2", a.k.a. +2/-2. Don't get too lost in the technical mumbo-jumbo here...if this is all new to you, all you need to know is that, if you are running a stock speakon cable from your amp head's speakon output jack, to your new Bag End cabinet, and you aren't getting any sound when you twiddle any of the knobs...it's because your amp speakon jack and cable are wired one way, while the Bag End cab is wired another way. Luckily this is easily remedied on more recent Bag End cabs. Also, doing this procedure will NOT void your warranty with Bag End, since this ability for reconfiguration is part of the inherent design of the cabinet, and this is NOT some sort of poor-man jimmy-rig. It's not well documented, but this is a perfectly normal and necessary procedure to match your BE cab wiring with your amp/cable jack wiring if you want to use speakons.

    I repeat, this is for newer Bag End cabs. Up to a certain point, "older" Bag End cabs had the internal speakon wiring hardwired to the board, and you needed a custom cable or a replacement jackplate from Bag End (see HeavyDuty's post above).

    To check and see if you can easily reconfigure your BE cab, look below the speakon jack(s) on the rear jackplate, and search for the following text:

    "4-pole inputs are internally selectable"
    "4-pole inputs are factory wired for Pin 2".

    The main thing is, INTERNALLY SELECTABLE. This is what you want. If you have this, then proceed:

    [Of course it goes without saying that your speaker cabinet is NOT hooked up to anything as you do this.]

    1. Remove large phillips screws from rear jackplate of Bag End cab.

    2. Carefully, slowly pull jackplate out from body of cab, being careful not to yank the attached wires. The wiring curls up into the interior just beyond the threshold of where the jackplate sits. Softly pull the entire jackplate out just enough so you can see the interior face of the jackplate, where the wires connect to it. It's okay to pull the wiring a little bit out of the body of the cab as you go, just don't ever yank, and only pull far enough out that you can see to get your hands behind the plate. A small flashlight is helpful here.

    3. You can see red wiring and black wiring attached to the back of the jackplate. You'll see some solder points where the wires are attached to the board, but what you're looking for are little "jumpers" (think jumper cables), that connect one red and one black wire to some metal protrusions (terminals) on one end of the plate. Look near the edges of the little board where the wires are attached....you'll see some numbers at the corners of the board...+2...-2....+1....-1. If your cab is still wired fresh from the factory, you'll have one color wire connected to the terminal nearest the +2 corner, and the other colored wire attached to the terminal nearest the -2 corner. These connections will both be on the same side of the board. Notice that on the opposite side of the board, there are two bare metal terminals, nearest the +1 and -1 corners of the board.

    4. Having located the jumpers on the terminals, all you need do now is carefully tug the jumpers off those terminals (a very tiny flathead screwdriver comes in handy, just get the edge of the flathead under the edge of the jumper lip and carefully pull away from the terminal, it should slip right off). Take the wire that was connected to the +2 terminal, and move it to the +1 terminal on the other side of the board (it should "snap" into place on the terminal, or slide on to a very snug fit). Take the wire that was connected to the -2 terminal, and move it to the -1 terminal on the other side of the board. Basically you will have swapped wire terminal connections diagonally longways across the board.

    5. Once the jumpers are securely attached to the +1/-1 side of the board, carefully curl or bunch the wires in a way that they will easily slide back up into the body of the cab as you push the jackplate back into position. Put your screws back in tight and you are done!

    Tutorial Difficulty Rating: Drunken Lobotomy Patient
  5. HeavyDuty

    HeavyDuty Supporting Curmudgeon Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 26, 2000
    Suburban Chicago, IL
    Great post! I never noticed the small printing on the jackplate - I'll have to look next time I break the rig down.

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