WTS: Roland DB-500 combo

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  1. dizzle


    Jan 3, 2005
    Marysville, OH
    Hello all--- I used to be active on the forums but have since forgotten my username and pass, so for all practical purposes, I'm new.

    Anyhow, a friend of mine is wanting to part ways with his bass setup. His combo amp is Roland model #DB-500 with feed forward processing and is capable of some very nice highs considering the size of the driver.

    Neither he nor I are sure of the model of the bass guitar itself, but it is a Yamaha with active pickups and very moldable tone.

    He is willing to sell either as a lot, with Amp, Bass, strap, gigbag, tuner, and cable, or a la carte.

    I'll leave it up to him to quote you a price... his name is Nick and he can be contacted at turbohatch@columbus.rr.com

    amp picture

    bass picture
    I hope one of you finds this to be helpful :)

    BTW: I'm Dizzle (Dale) and I can be reached at dalebarton@gmail.com if you need any further help etc.

    see you all around the forums
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    Oct 28, 2002
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    Your image links aren't working.