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SOLD WTS: Vintage Guild B-302A Bass – Great Condition

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Colonel Monk, Apr 14, 2014.

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  1. For Sale:

    I’m selling my prized Guild B-302A Bass. Don’t want to sell, but have to.

    Natural Finish, and a custom painted pickguard. Yeah, I know some will not like it, I was thinking when I bought the bass I’d get a new black pickguard and move over the electronics, but I didn’t. And Glad I didn’t, because it looks killer onstage and I had a lot of good comments on it – people thought it was cool and really dug it.

    I’m thinking it’s at least an 8/10 condition-wise, for a 30+ year old bass. I dated it once, I’m thinking it’s from 1977/78. You can look up the serial number which is visible in one of the pictures.

    I think the body is ash. It’s a set neck design, made of maple with walnut or mahogany stripe. The fretboard is rosewood and has a really nice grain with reddish highlights. When you pluck the E string the whole bass vibrates! Really deep bass sound, awesome.

    Finish is good and glossy, there is some finish checking here and there, like most instruments of this age. I don’t know if any of the checking is visible in the pics, but it’s not really visible unless you look for it. Can’t be seen by onlookers. Very little of it is on the front, most is on the back.

    I love the bridge, it’s a big old chunky chrome thing with 3 points of elevation. Very adjustable. The action is quite low and plays great that way.

    Frets are in good condition, with no dents and no scrapes. Fretboard and Frets have recently been polished and are smooth as silk, bright and shiny. It’s stringed with Elixirs right now, and they have not been played much.

    Love the Guild headstock – it’s spacious and has a cool shape, and the Guild brand and insignia are inlaid with mother of pearl – it really is badass. The tuning machines are in great shape and still shiny.

    The 302A has dual single coils, and a volume and tone control for each. Pickup selector allows selection of neck or bridge or both. I have always run the controls full and mostly the neck pickup for a really deep sound, or both pickups for a thick sound.

    Electronics are original. I have not changed a thing. It is well grounded and shielded.

    Any nicks/scratches you can see in the detailed pics. Really nothing of note.

    The case is original and is very rugged. The clasps all work, and you can see where a previous owner had broken and repaired the handle, it works perfect and is more rugged than when it was new. The electric blue shag carpet in the case is totally pimp, you’ll love it!!

    $775 OBO local sale. I will ship on buyers dime – actual shipping cost.


    More Pics: LINK
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2014
  2. Do you have any pics??
  3. Yeah, just look at the first post - the last word is LINK

    Bad timing for this upgrade, for pete's sake it screwed up all my ads.... I see now that the main picture is no longer in the thread! I will fix that, but in the meantime click on the link and there are 30-something pictures there for you.


    edit: OK, I worked thru this wonky deal and learned a few things and was able to get the cover pic back. The link is still there for all the pics. Thanks for looking!
  4. where are you located?
  5. Howdy Liam. I'm located in Michigan. I haven't updated my profile since I moved here, but I have noticed the new forum isn't showing that in the thread.....

    I'm happy to answer your questions anytime, but lets take this offline to "Conversations" - that is what they are calling PMs or Personal Messages these days. If I post here more than once a day, I'll get in trouble with the mods. I'm sending you a personal message aka Conversation whatever with more information OK? Thanks for looking.

    MODS - Please don't ding me for bumping too much - We are all just trying to figure this new forum out, and I wanted to reply but I did not want to bump until the afternoon. Thanks.
  6. I sent a message but not sure if it worked.

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