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WTT 2nd Voice Deluxe for EQD Rainbow Machine and Organizer

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by dlenaghan, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Hi All -

    Well, I'll hit the shipping on this, but here's what's what:
    I have a never-gigged, tried-and-sighed INFANEM 2nd Voice Deluxe which isn't sitting in the chain as I wanted it too. It's fabulous for what it's advertised for: separate fuzz channel with active EQ, Harmony Fuzz with selectable intervals and a Gate that keeps it much cleaner than the original, and a separate footswitch for a suboctave, dare you venture there.

    Great synth sounds, might even post a bass demo if I've got a moment in the next week or so, but what I really need (and thought this might fit, in a 'same-same but different' kind of way) are an Organizer and a Rainbow Machine.

    Shipping's on me via EMS if you've got the pair, and if you've got one, well, let's talk. They do what I need, and this Second Voice needs an opportunity to sing. As advertised on INFANEM's site, chrome finish with black silkscreened detailing. Pics to come.

    Questions? Ask away. Comes with box. No manual was provided with mine. I live in Seoul, Korea if we haven't done business before - check the numbers if you're unsure and let's talk!

    Take care and as the man says, practice practice practice and play with impedance!


    (Immortal quote via mgod of LTG)
  2. Unlikely bump!

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