WTT: Carvin BB75 for a narrow-5'er (Ibanez 1005 preferred)

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  1. I'll have pictures up shortly, but here goes:

    It's a BB75 with two humbuckers, active electronics (with a pull-up switch for passive in case the battery gives up on ya) neck-thru (maple) and walnut body.

    This is honestly an amazing instrument but I just can't get used to it. I'm the original owner and have had it for about a year or so. It's in immaculate condition and sounds great.

    I'm looking for an Ibanez SR1005 'cause the neck is much more narrow and considering I have relatively small hands, that would really help me a lot in terms of getting accustomed to a five-stringer.

    This thing was $1200 new and comes with a tweed case.

    Like I said, I'm looking for an Ibanez SR1005, but if you have a comfortable, narrow 5'er, PM me.

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    There goes.

    By the way, it does not have inlays on the board, just side dots.
  3. Monday night bump. This may go on the 'bay so I could raise money for something like the Ibby 1005 or even BTB highend.
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    PM sent
  5. Last bump before I wait a while.