WTT: My Rack (Carvin DCM-1500, SVP-Pro & more) for an older Ampeg SVT

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  1. I would like to trade my entire rack setup for a nice, older Ampeg SVT.
    Here's a description of my rack:
    SKB 8-Space rotorack
    Carvin DCM-1500 Poweramp (1500 Watts w/warranty)
    Ampeg SVP-Pro Preamp (professionally tweaked by my tube amp tech)
    Behringer MDX1600 Autocom Pro-XL Compressor
    Sabine rack tuner
    Furman Power conditioner
    1 empty space
    Everything is connected with hand-soldered (by me!) XLR patch cables.

    Everything in the rack works flawlessly and looks very good, if you break down what I have in it you'll see that this is an even trade. I'm wanting to switch away from a rack setup, but still keep my ferocious ampeg tone. If you have been wanting to switch to an ampeg rack, now is your chance. You can hear this bass rack in my bands recordings at www.soulshadow.com

    Email me for more details,
    Mike Schaefer
    [email protected]
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