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    So when I got back into bass playing my 1st basses were a jb-2 and then an L-2000. I have since bought and sold many others and have always wondered about the wunkay. One might be available in my area for a good price although an alleged boat anchor. What's so magical about the OMG that my HH Bongo does not already have in it's 3 band arsenal?
    I hate gas! Thanks
  2. Thick, juicy, wooly, bowel loosening, speaker stressing tone. That's what.

    I own a B-5HHp. I don't own an L-1000, but I've played a few. The Bongo is a more versatile bass than an L-1000, as would be expected, but it's a bit sterile sounding in comparison. And while the Bongo is very powerful due to its 18v preamp, the passive L-1000 can hold its own very well because it's just plain hot.

    These are two very different basses rendering two very different and unique sounds. Play the Wunkay and you'll find that it is far from a one trick pony and is more like a gag-loaded Percheron.

  3. what are the chances of being in the same boat!!

    i feel as though on a similar path mntngrown :smug:
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    I have 2 early production L-1000s -- 1980 & 81. One has a mahogany body & the other is ash ( I think). They're both incredible instruments and play beautifully.

    To me, the L-1000 is the evolution of the P-bass. Its a better built & powerful, yet simple workhorse bass. The OMG mode is a wall-shaking low frequency wonder and sounds incredible both live and in the studio. The tone is old-school thick and natural with a lotta bottom, but doesn't sound boosted like you might get by tweaking the low end on the Bongo. To me, a Bongo sounds more modern, but maybe that's just the few I've heard.

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    .....heh, heh!.........did I mention the '82 Wunkay with 25 years of mojo sitting in the rack? Next to the fretless 2K?

    ........just being a G&L GAS-enabler for ya, Pete!:D:D:D
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    I present one 11lb boat anchor........the best sounding bass I own.

  7. ok... I'm outta town this week-end playing but back next week... I'll bring the hooch, you enable the G&Ls :smug:

  8. beauty!!
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    Cool trans-blue!
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    This one has sold a lot of hooch.

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    I'm gonna need some new shorts....

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