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  1. Anyone get a weak signal from the 1/4" direct out on a Walter Woods head? I've had a couple sound men say there's not much at all coming out of the thing. To compensate, I've had to turn up the input level to the point where the stage volume was too loud. I verified this (I think) by running a line from the direct out into a powered speaker with the same result. Is there some magic trick to get this to work, or should I have Walter check it?
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    You running pre or post? I've never gotten negative comments but ALWAYS use the post EQ setting.

    You can always reduce the stage volume by lowering the master volume anyway :confused:
  3. Pre or post it's the same problem. I guess I'm stuck on Walter's recommendation in the manual which is to set the Master at 6 and adjust the input level as necessary. You're saying you set the input level and adjust the master as needed?
  4. Have you turned up the 'send to mix' dial?
    Mine isn't that strong either, but it works well. I either run my bass into my passive DI box and then to the input of the amp or run the WW Signal out to my DI and then to the board. If you're using a passive bass that doens't help.
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    I think i have read somewhere that walter prefers people using a seprate DI box with his amp.But i may be wrong
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    It's only an output issue. The idea is to run the line out into a DI, and from there to the board, instead of directly from the line out to the board. Walter only recommends this because his line out is driven by a solid state circuit (ie not a transformer), meaning there could be external grounding problems and etc that might impact the amp.

    You may be running into an impedance issue, depending on what you're plugging the line out into. Walter's manual provides impedances for the "send" outputs (1k), but not the line out. Assuming the line out is also 1k, it's probably a good idea to ensure that the receiving device has an input impedance of at least 10k, and the absolute minimum would be 1k. A 600 ohm (line-standard) input is probably going to reduce your volume.

    The line out on my Ultra is nice and loud, when plugged into a preamp with an input impedance of 1.2k ohms, or the "line in" on my Mackie board. The other possibility, unfortunately, is that the line driver inside the WW may have been damaged at some point. Do you have any electronic measurement tools, like a multimeter or an oscilloscope?
  7. Thanks for the knowledge, guys. My understanding is that the send mix knob basically controls the effects level, and has no bearing on the direct out other than how much effects are in the signal.

    nonsqtr, I don't have those tools, but I will make sure the impedances match next time.
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    Try using the send signal from the effects loop. That's how I got my signal from the older WW's.
  9. Yes you're right about that... it does add some boost though. Some call it the "magic knob" and it add some lower midrange and girth.

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