SOLD Xotic Effects XW-1 Wah Pedal

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    Apr 13, 2001
    Selling an Xotic XW-1 Wah Pedal, which is a bit of a rare beast on this board. Works excellent for bass, and its great if you don't like the feel of the mini wahs but don't want the large format 10"+ enclosures that are standard for Cry Baby, Fulltone, Vox, etc. The typical enclosure sizes are a shade over 10" where these come in just over 8". Saves you a full rail on PT boards.

    This thing is built incredibly well. The stock sound is a fairly clean sweep through the top of the range, though the bias knob will add some good grit/crunch when you crank it. Obviously you can also add dirt or fuzz - I thought it took to fuzz very well. The Q range control is pretty wide - from subtle/barely there to pretty wet and in-your-face filtering. The other two external controls are for bass and treble. I liked pushing the bias and Q, cranking the bass, and rolling off some treble for a nice fat sound. It also has 4 internal dip switches. One activates the input gain knob inside the pedal, one darkens/brightens the toe-down response, one smooths out the high end, and one increases the overall Q frequency for more quack/wetness.

    In excellent shape. No velcro. $185 shipped, CONUS, no trades.

    8C5F5562-F5B7-4BA3-9DEA-3EE202D96AB2.jpeg B6175A05-3D71-453F-8C49-BF9431785B7D.jpeg D9FA5C13-F72F-4DB8-A4DE-8CA2A73D38E1.jpeg DA87EE25-6C23-41FD-A3B4-0299F8F4E226.jpeg DC075073-8904-4E8D-A2BC-0650D18399EB.jpeg
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